64 Killed, Heavy Rain Hampered the Search for Landslide Victims

BANJARNEGARA – The search operation for landslide victims at Jemblung Hamlet, Sampang Village, Karangkobar Sub-district, Banjarnegara Regency was forced to be suspended earlier due to heavy rain pouring down since 01.00 pm WIB. The soil condition had become muddy and dangerous to the joint team. Until Tuesday (16/12) 05.15 pm WIB, the victims that had been found were 64 people dead, of which 41 were men and 23 women. There are still 44 people missing.Today, the joint team managed to find 8 bodies and one piece of female foot. The victims are Kalima (female, 47 years old), Giarti binti Faiz (female, 27), Fatih bin Agus (male, 2.5), Supiah binti Tursino (female, 22), Supono bin Marmo (male, 27), Cindy Ariani Ayu Sukma (female, 12) and Mrs. X (female). Of the 64 victims found until now, 6 of them have yet to be identified.

Judging from the address in the victims ID, of the 64 victims who have been found, 45 victims came from Karangkobar Sub-district, 13 victims from outside Karangkobar Sub-district and 6 victims can not be identified. Victims from outside Karangkobar Sub-district derived from the Pejawaran, Banjarmangu, Wanayasa, Cirebon, Bawang, Susukan Cirebon and Purwodadi Sub-districts.The number of refugees is currently 1,146 people and spread across 10 locations.

There is a decline in the number of refugees from the previous day of 1,886 people. The refugees who have returned to their homes came from the village near the disaster site. They were panic when the landslide occurred and took refuge. Basic needs of the refugees are fulfilled. The urgent needs are food, clothing, children's clothing, children's milk, blankets, medicines and sanitation. Losses and damages caused by the landslide are still being calculated. Relocation plan is still being prepared. A safe land located not far from the original village is still being sought. Rainfall is expected to increase until January. People are encouraged to remain vigilant.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho BNPB Head of Information Data Center and Public Relations