3,622 natural disasters occurred in 2019: BNPB

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) has recorded 3,622 natural disasters across the country this year. They were dominated by hydrometeorological phenomena such as tornadoes, floods and landslides.

"The country saw 3,622 disasters [from Jan. 1] to Dec. 15. About 90 percent of them were hydrometeorological ones," BNPB spokesperson Agus Wibowo said on Tuesday, adding that the number was higher than that of 2018, which had seen 3,397 incidents.

Despite the larger number of disasters, this year's fatalities were lower than last year's, when strong earthquakes, tsunamis and liquefaction occurred in parts of the country.

This year, more than 475 people died in disasters, and 108 others went missing. Last year, 4,231 people died or were declared missing during natural disasters.

In general, the largest number of disasters occurred in West Java, Central Java, Aceh and South Sulawesi. "The majority of the disasters hit Java," Agus said, as quoted by (vny)