2018 M7.5 Earthquake Indonesia: Situation Report – Period covered: September 28 - October 2, 2018

Situation Report
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Situation Overview

BNPB stated the casualties reached 1374. As many as 113 people are missing. More than 65,000 homes have been damaged and at least 60,000 people have been displaced and are in need of emergency help. Source & Source 3 Oct.

“BNPB has confirmed 1,234 fatalities with over 632 injuries, 99 missing persons, 152 are requiring immediately rescue efforts. There are currently over 61,867 evacuees being housed in 109 evacuation sites. Aha S4 The Government of Indonesia, through BNPB and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have welcomed offers of international assistance as of 1 October 2018. This statement was also delivered by BNPB during Emergency Briefing and Coordination Meeting Partners at AHA Centre Emergency Operations Centre on 1 October, 10.00 hrs. And repeated during BNPB's Press Conference at 1300 hrs

Strong earthquakes occurred on 28 September 2018 and caused great damages and casualties in Palu City, and regencies of Donggala, Parigi Moutong, and Sigi. An earthquake with magnitude 6.0 occurred at 13.59 hrs UTC+7 and already caused building damages. Afterwards, a M 7.7 (updated to M 7.4) earthquake occurred at 17:02 hrs causing more damages. It then triggered a near-field tsunami, possibly due to landslide in the ocean floor and the tsunami struck Talise beach in Palu City and beaches in Donggala and some settlements and buildings on the beach. Assessment and data collection on the number of victims are still underway.” Aha S1