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10 years after the tsunami in South and South-East Asia

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Help for body, mind and soul

On 26 December 2004, the most devastating tsunami in history brought death, misery and immense suffering to the people on the shores of the Indian Ocean. In its aftermath, 250,000 people were dead or missing, and nearly 1.7 million lost their homes. Immediately, Malteser International ran to the aid of the survivors – with both material as well as psychological assistance. A large-scale, sustainable reconstruction and reintegration program followed.

Follow in our footsteps through our relief efforts in the region with an interactive map

Malteser International's help at a glance:

• Thailand: Emergency aid to 6,400 people, reconstruction projects for 35,000 people, 229 houses completed, prostheses for 9,899 people with disability, trauma counseling program for 10,000 students, and more

• South India: Emergency relief for 5,000 families, emergency shelters for 20,000 people, medical care of 7,500 residents in 10 coastal villages, home-building program for 97 families, repair of school buildings and scholarships for a total of more than 7,000 students

• Indonesia: Two complete villages - Lancok and Jambo Timi - rebuilt and support of residents with income generating activities and microloans

• Sri Lanka: 45 projects including the reconstruction of houses and infrastructure, rainwater collecting tanks and latrines, psychosocial support and water, sanitation and hygiene