What we do: emergencies - tsunami disaster latest: floods wreak havoc in south east India

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Nature has been unkind to the agricultural labourers of the Cauvery delta region.

After alternating droughts and floods, not to mention the 2004 Tsunami, the current spell of rains have wrought havoc on their lives.

Thousands of hectares of farmland are under water after four days of continuous rains with crops submerged three to four feet deep.

Pinning their hopes on the crops, small scale farmers had started rebuilding their lives after the trail of devastation left by the tsunami.

But if the water does not drain fast, the crops will start rotting. Irrigation channels are running full.

ActionAid's response

- Relief distribution has been in full swing in our partner villages since Thursday (11 November). In 9 villages of CWBC (Construction Workers Building Center, Nagapattinam), 2500 families will be provided with rice and provisions package consisting of cooking oil, dhal, kerosene etc for five days.

- In 7 villages of VESA (Village Educational Service Association, Vedaranyam), 622 families staying the camps will be provided with Rice and provisions and children will be supplemented with milk and biscuits. First aid medicines will also be provided.

- In 8 villages of DMK (Dalit Mannurimai Kootamaippu) in Chidambaram taluk 2 fishing communities and 6 Dalit villages (1169) families staying in temporary shelters and their houses will be supplied with 15 kilos of rice, 2 kilos of dhal, 1 kilo of sugar, 2 litres of kerosene, half a kilo of spice items, washing soap, and 1 litre milk and biscuits per family (for children).

- In 15 villages of ISED (Institute of Social Education & Development) 2387 families staying in various schools, marriages halls and temple were provided with 5 kgs of rice by the government for 2 days.

Though it has stopped raining, the water has not receded and some of the villages are not accessible to the people. They may be staying back in these camps for at least 2 more days. ISED will provide them with mats, rice, provisions, milk and biscuits for children. A mobile medical unit has also been organised to provide medical assistance.

Our main objectives

ActionAid has operations in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Somalia and the Maldives. Applying our core principles of working with poor people, local partners and organisations to target and address the causes of poverty, we have identified four main objectives for working effectively with tsunami victims.

- meeting basic needs (food, non-food items, shelter, and education of affected families)

- to reduce the negative psychosocial effects of the tsunami

- helping people rebuild their lives, their communities and livelihoods

- working with and on behalf of poor and marginalised communities, and ensuring foundations for a more secure future

- monitoring aid so that it flows to the poorest and most marginalised people