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USAID/OFDA South Asia Newsletter - September to November 2010


USAID/OFDA Assistance Follows Flood-Affected Individuals Home

Four months after the most severe floods in the country's history, the majority of displaced families in northern provinces of Pakistan have returned to homes to begin the process of rebuilding their lives and livelihoods. However, as flood waters receded, they left farmland covered with mud, houses destroyed, and many families without any possessions. While standing water continues to prevent population returns in some areas, in locations where returns are possible, USAID/OFDA grantees have shifted activities to support the needs of returnees, while continuing to provide immediate assistance to individuals who remain displaced.

Coordinating with the Government of Pakistan (GoP), other U.S. Government agencies, and relief organizations, USAID/OFDA has focused early recovery support in areas of return on livelihoods, agricultural recovery, and shelter reconstruction. USAID/OFDA grantees have initiated cash-for-work programs to rehabilitate damaged wells and irrigation canals, provided vouchers for farmers to purchase seeds and tools, and provided technical assistance and materials for families to rebuild houses, among numerous other initiatives. These activities build on self-help initiatives already begun by displaced individuals and help facilitate families' transition from camps back to their houses.