Unified Response Strategy: Assam floods 2012: Emergency coordination & URS meeting

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Key discussions:

  • The quick activation of the URS by IAG, initial coordination efforts and joint assessment undertaken is appreciated, however, the need for more detailed and continues assessment to look in current gaps in information and analysis is desired.

  • Initial need assessment and analysis is not clear about sectoral needs and priorities.

  • Details of gender disaggregated data and the needs of pregnant women and other such vulnerable groups are not reflected.

  • The district wise details (shared along with the assessment report as response matrix) have got a lot of information that has not been captured in the assessment and analysis.

  • It’s not clear whether Sphere-URS standard format were used for assessment or not. The filled formats are not available for review.

  • The group advocated for use of these formats (with small modifications if required).

  • The group unanimously felt and decided that there is scope of improvement in the needs assessment and there is a need of multi-sectoral needs assessment.

  • Sector wise lead organizations for sectoral coordination may also be identified and these agencies shall lead the response coordination for their respective sectors.

  • IAG as a group has not yet met with the administration. Some of the member agencies have met with the relief commissioner and the district administration. There is a scope to strengthen the GO-NGO coordination at state and district levels.

  • IAG has expressed limitations in terms of capacity (Inter Agency staff at State and district levels). Sphere shall supplement human resource support under the leadership of IAG.

  • ECHO will support with 2 Million Euros for response to Assam floods and desires agencies to do joint assessment. ECHO would be happy to accept joint assessment report if done systematically.

  • Advocacy with Government needed to be strengthened at State and National level.

  • The profile of disaster also needs more attention by national and international media.