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UNHCR India Factsheet - February 2022


As of 28 February 2022, 47,098 refugees and asylum-seekers are registered with UNHCR in India. 976 individuals were registered in February 2022, mainly from Afghanistan and Myanmar. Through UNHCR’s 24/7 telecall Hotline,2,886 people have reached us requesting for information on social assistance, documentation, registration, and vaccination.50,674 refugees and asylum-seekers are reported to be vaccinated, thanks to the inclusion efforts by the Government of India.


India has a long tradition of playing a host to a large number of refugees. India is a reliable partner, guaranteeing that people who need help will find a place and safety.

UNHCR has worked since 1981 for the protection of refugees and asylum-seekers in India. In support of the efforts by the Government of India, UNHCR works with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, NITI Aayog, United Nations Country Team, and its NGO partners based across 11 states of India.

Recently, due to violence and instability in neighbouring countries, there has been a rise in asylum-seekers approaching UNHCR India for registration and assistance.

Further, the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect refugees and asylum-seekers.
The number of refugees and asylum-seekers requesting basic assistance has increased, including food, rent, and medicine