Towards a Resilient Future: Children and Disasters, issue no. 104, February 2014

from All India Disaster Mitigation Institute
Published on 24 Feb 2014

A lot more need to be known to reach HFA goals and far more needs to be done during HFA2 process.

The 104th issue of is titled ‘Towards a Resilient Future: Children and Disasters’. This issue explores the challenges and constraints of building up the resilience of children to disasters and emergencies. Furthermore, this issue advocates the best policies and practices that protect and promote the rights of children against the exigencies of disasters. This issue of directly addresses the key area of ‘Building Community Resilience’ of the HFA 2 process.
The content includes:

i. Addressing Climate Change in South Asia, with More Focus on Children
ii. Blighted Childhoods by Uttarakhand Disaster
iii. Addressing Children’s Vulnerabilities in Tsunami Rehabilitation iv. Climate Refugees v. Building Safer Education in Urban Areas: A Case of School Disaster Management Plan
vi. Disaster Risk Reduction for Children by Children
vii. Children and Disasters
viii. Children's Participation in Building Resilience
ix. Women and Disasters
x. Child-Centred Hazard, Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment
xi. Child-Centred Disaster Risk Management Planning

The contributions from Mihir R. Bhatt with AIDMI Team; Vositha Wijenayake; Omprakash Bhatt; and Reuben James.

Themes: Children, Climate Change, School Safety, Disaster Risk, DRR voices, Civil society in South Asia, Governance and Risk, Gender and DRR, HVCA, Building Resilience