Sphere India Newsletter, Issue 6, December 2014


Key Note Message

Dear Friends and colleagues,

It gives me immense pleasure and joy to welcome to the second edition of the Sphere India Newsletter – December 2014. As a humanitarian professional, to me the Sphere standards are the very tenet of our ways of working. The Sphere India coalition in India has moved continuously ahead in shaping a reform agenda which is inclusive and equity oriented with all stakeholders getting a fair share in voicing their needs as well as responding with focused actions to ensure the emergence of a collective and responsive action schema.

The work in the past one year has reinforced the intent of the Sphere India coalition participants in working together through coordinated action across the length and breadth of the country, be it Assam, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh. As sphere India moves into the New Year 2015, I am hopeful that the coordinated actions will continue and the work with the Inter Agency Groups (IAG) will help in the growth of the humanitarian collective.

As the year draws to a close and the winters set in across the majority of north India; the plight of the rural poor and the urban homeless needs to be kept in mind while deciding on response actions to extreme weather conditions. This is a new area where not many of us are operational and this needs to change with the active engagement of coalitions like Sphere India who have a mandate to inform and educate the wider civil society about these disasters.

In the New Year, am sure that the sphere India platform will works towards a relook at the monsoon season of 2014 to assess on the challenges and build on the learning for an effective, accountable and robust humanitarian coordination platform for India.

I wish all the readers, stakeholders, friends and agencies an advance wish for the new year and hope that the new year will ensure the reaffi rmation of our faith in the need to work towards solutions for new and emerging problems which transcend social and cultural barriers.

All the best

Dipankar Patnaik