India + 1 more Issue No.107, March 2014 - We Can Not Leave Everything to God: Children and Crowd Management in Schools

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The 107th issue of is titled ‘We Can Not Leave Everything to God: Children and Crowd Management in Schools’ explores the important theme of Crowd Management. Crowd management is extremely important for a country like India that routinely witnesses stampedes. Replete with views of experts from the field, this issue provides vital information on Crowd management policies, practices and procedures. The content includes:

i. We Can Not Leave Everything to God
ii. Assam Jatiya Vidyalaya: A Case of Crowd Management at Schools
iii. Need for Stampede Management at School Level
iv. Major Stampedes of India
v. Proactive Approach to Disaster Response In India: Adoption of Incident Response System
vi. Crowd Management at Heritage Sites
vii. Role of Switzerland in Making World Safer from Disasters
viii. School Safety Assessment of Cyclone Thane - Affected Schools
ix. The EU's Disaster Risk Reduction Work in India
x. Children in the Uttarakhand Disaster
xi. School Safety and Crowd Management

The contributions from Mihir R. Bhatt with AIDMI Team; Col Alok Raj; Arjun Clair; Brig (Dr) BK Khanna, Mrs Angeli Qwatara and Nina Khanna; Daniel Ziegerer; and Omprakash Bhatt.