South Asia: Tsunami & Health Situation Report # 33

from World Health Organization
Published on 04 Feb 2005
Relief and rehabilitation continue to progress simultaneously. For WHO, the relief work primarily means being vigilant for outbreaks and improving water and sanitation facilities in order to promote health security. No disease outbreaks have been reported. The rehabilitation work is proceeding rapidly. WHO is supporting local communities and governments in planning for reconstruction of sustainable and equitable health systems.


  • No disease outbreaks have been reported. However complacency must not set in, as disease surveillance still not all health actors are reporting though the same systems, conditions in affected areas remain favourable communicable diseases, and people's coping capacities are overstretched.

  • In Indonesia, WHO urges analyzing the actual need (in terms of quantity) of infant formula, how to target infants really require a breastmilk substitute, and the implementation of a distribution monitoring system.

  • In India, WHO has provided technical support for a measles vaccination campaign, with vitamin A supplementation for children aged 6-59 months, and oral polio vaccine for children under 60 months. At least 71 338 children been vaccinated.
Health Priorities

Communicable Diseases

Indonesia: Two new cases of measles have been reported in North Aceh, bringing the total number diagnosed to 15 since January 2005. Measles vaccination has now been completed in the camps. In Aceh Besar more than 9,000 children were reported immunized January 31, 2005.

India: Many of the missing TB patients in Tamil Nadu were tracked and have returned to DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Course) TB treatment again. There was no significant damage to any TB health facility, drug store or records. Drugs are all newly-diagnosed patients, and special measures have been taken for the diagnosis and start of anti-TB treatment for patients in relief camps. HIV/AIDS awareness work is being planned for integration into the recovery and rehabilitation work.

Maldives: No outbreaks have been reported.

Sri Lanka: No outbreaks have been reported. Several cases of chicken pox have been reported in Jaffna and were treated in

Thailand: No outbreaks have been reported.

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