Relief camps in India touching thousands

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India Partners is underwriting supplies for relief camps in 100 seaside villages in three districts in southeast India hit hard by the tsunami: Krishna, Guntur and West Godavari districts. Ten local relief teams and three medical teams are traveling throughout the area distributing rice, blankets, clothes, cooking oil and firewood as well as cooking food for the villagers, and attending to their medical needs.

The needs are specific, as outlined by India Partners' contact in that area, Rev. Parishudha Babu, who is asking India Partners for approximately $100,000 in emergency funds for the entire area. "So far, we have touched thousands of lives and have comforted people, treating the children and staying overnight in the villages and helping all kinds of weak and diseased people in the villages," he said in an email earlier today.

To date, over $37,700 has been donated to India Partners, whose tsunami relief goal is $100,000. This includes $15,000 committed by Northwest Medical Teams. Executive Director Brent Hample says the funds will enable another indigenous medical and relief team to be deployed soon as well as continue emergency aid in the region.

"Our local agencies in India are working day and night to distribute food and clothing, and to offer comfort to the grieving survivors of the tsunami. The magnitude of the disaster can be discouraging, but every life that is saved and every mourner who is comforted is a ray of hope," says Hample.

Because India Partners has been working in India for the past 20 years, its partner agencies were able to respond immediately with local aid to the tsunami victims as they have done in the past when other natural disasters - such as cyclones - have struck. The agency currently has partner organization offices along the southeast coast of India located in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, two of the hardest hit states in that country.

Long-term development programs in the area include child sponsorship programs, health programs, schools and economic development activities that improve community access to food and clean water.

To help India Partners provide an emergency response in India, here's how to donate:
By internet: <> , click on "give"
By phone: toll free: 1-888-870-9085, local: 541-683-0696
By mail: India Partners, Tsunami Relief, PO Box 5470 Eugene, OR 97405 USA