Rain stops in Chennai and elsewhere in Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, rain stopped in Chennai and else where in the state , giving some respite to people batterred by heavy rains for the past few days.

Over 70 people have been lost their lives due to rain so far.

Meanwhile, Tamilnadu Chief Minister has allocated 500 crores rupees as an immediate relief measure in the affected areas.

The state government has launched helpline numbers-1077 and 044-45674567.

11 teams of NDRF have been deployed which are evacuating people to safety.

Due to continuous rain over the past week..more than 70 people have reportedly been killed.Areas of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have also been affected by the heavy rain.

The Met Dept. has issued an alert warning that heavy rains will continue till Tuesday evening adding that the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka could witness rain for the next two to three days.

Crops have been damaged due to continuous rains.Heavy rains forced Southern Railway to cancel and divert several trains.