People of Bihar face risk of epidemic in wake of devastating floods

The risk of epidemics is rising in Supaul district of Bihar as floodwater stagnant in the supaul for more than 15 days. Health camps were organized by Caritas India and HCL foundation for the flood victims of Koshi river on a special request from ADM supaul. The field assessment of Supaul district revealed that the water logging can increase the risk of water borne diseases.

Fungal skin infection, bacterial skin infection, diarrheao, respiratory problem, viral fever majorly were diagnosed during first day of the health camp by the Camillian Task Force (including Doctors & Nurses). Sudden rise of joint and back pains with general weakness was also observed.

This year Koshi river flood had affected 190500 people in 04 blocks of Supaul district itself. As of now 256 affected people were screened for various diseases in the camp including 126 females and 130 males.

Caritas India team along with 06 caritas volunteers are in the field to support the affected population. In the camp, female patient including adolescent girl were diagnosed and given counseling about the health problems. Children especially girls were also given instructions on personal hygiene. Some of the critical cases were advised to consult Sadar hospital for regular treatment and diagnoses.

Caritas India had provided relief items like plastic buckets, plastic mug, markin cloth, cotton cloth, bathing soap, washing soap, water purification tablets and tarpaulins to the affected people.

The camellian task force is equipped with required medicines, medical instruments, pathological kits and traveled to most remote places on boats and by foot to reach the affected community.

Bechani devi, a local resident thanked the team for organizing the camps in the affected villages. There is a great challenge as the team has to visit affected area by boat or foot.