Oxfam Situation Report Number: 15 (Tamil Nadu cyclone 2015) - 2 March, 2016

Situation Report
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Key Issues

  • The Central Government of India has accorded the status ‘calamity of severe nature’ to the worst floods Tamil Nadu witnessed in over hundred years.

  • Mud huts with thatch roofs have been severely affected in the floods. Walls have melted away, the flooring made of mud remained damp and sludgy weeks after the floods.

  • Households have lost their utensils, stoves clothes and other belongings in the flood

  • The focus in Chennai, Cuddalore and Kanchipuram continues to be on ensuring relief materials reach the flood affected communities as well as rehabilitation.

  • Debris from the floods around the settlements in some rural areas have affected the mobility of residents. Stagnant water and debris from the floods have become a health risk for the communities living in the flood affected areas.

  • Access to safe drinking water remains an area of concern.

General Humanitarian Situation

  • Oxfam has reached out to over 4000 households with humanitarian assistance including Shelter kit distribution, Non Food Items (NFI), Hygiene kits and food rations.

  • 80% of 2.6 million populations were affected, 500 out of 686 GPs affected and 11 out of 13 blocks were affected.

  • There have been 354 deaths, loss of 4,383 cattle and destruction of 117,000 huts across Tamil Nadu according to Official Government Statistics.

  • In Cuddalore district 323 panchayats are affected from 7 blocks.