Oxfam Orissa cyclone appeal

from Oxfam
Published on 05 Nov 1999

On Friday 29th October, millions of people's lives were devastated when the worst cyclone in decades hit Orissa, India.
Early reports state that about 1.5 million have been made homeless and thousands are feared dead. Entire villages are under water. The survivors are frightened and hungry - many have not had any food since the cyclone hit.
Oxfam is flying out emergency water equipment worth £250,000, including water tanks, water purification and testing kits, equipment for making latrines, mosquito nets and tarpaulins for emergency shelter. We are also providing 50,000 instant meals.

With your support we can do much more to help people survive the immediate crisis and then rebuild their shattered lives in the coming months.

Please help by making an online donation today. Just £25 could pay for shelter for three families.

Thank you