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Oxfam: Asian Earthquake: Update 2

"Oxfam has just coordinated a meeting in Islamabad of all of the international aid agencies responding to the earthquake.

At that meeting it was agreed which organisation would be leading in which area to ensure a coordinated response.

Teams from each of the agencies are leaving on assessment and response missions, some have already left and in the next few hours more will be

It is becoming clear that the most affected area is Pakistan administered Kashmir where 5 out of 7 divisions are severely affected. Oxfam has started an assessment in 3 of these 5 areas with teams already on the ground. Winter is drawing in in the region and night time temperatures are already dropping. Winterised tents and blankets will be urgently needed.

The Pakistani government has just sent 12 trucks with aid supplies to the region - 6 to the north west frontier and 6 to Kashmir.

In Islamabad the affected area is still sealed off with rescue attempts under way.

In Indian administered Kashmir the death toll is also mounting and Oxfam is sending a assessment mission to the area as soon as possible."
said Raphael Sindaye, Oxfam's Humanitarian Response coordinator in Islamabad.

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