Orissa Cyclone Situation Report No. 5

Situation Report
Originally published


Appeal no. 28/99; Programme extension until June, 2000

Period covered: 27 November - 15 December 1999

Six weeks after the super cyclone 05B devastated India's Orissa State, efforts are now focused on completing the second phase of the Red Cross relief distribution operation, providing food and non-food items to the communities in the most affected areas. 50,000 families have now received food and blankets, and during the next few weeks the families will receive their full allocation. The Government and humanitarian community are now developing rehabilitation programs in a shift towards providing longer term assistance to the victims of the cyclone. A Red Cross draft plan of action for the rehabilitation phase 3 has been made. An assessment team is currently in the process of visiting the affected areas, and by the end of December they will present their recommendations for the implementation of the rehabilitation programme. The Federation Secretary General visited affected areas 30 November to 1 December and held talks with the IFRC and India authorities on various issues related to Orissa operations and Federation work in India.