Orissa cyclone emergency update 29 Oct 99

News and Press Release
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A powerful cyclone hit the eastern coast of India on Friday 29 October. Windspeeds of 150 to 160 miles per hour were measured in Bhubaneshwa, capital of Orissa state. Tidal waves 5 to 7 metres higher than normal have been created by the cyclone in the Bay of Bengal.
This is the second time this month that Orissa has been badly affected by a cyclone. On 17th October a cyclone killed over 70 people, with around 40,000 people made homeless.

It is predicted that this cyclone will continue across Orissa until midnight tonight. It has already caused further suffering to the 40,000 people who were made homeless by the 17th October cyclone, with over 10,000 people in addition having to flee their homes.

Oxfam Response

Oxfam is preparing to send an initial aid package of polythene for shelter, water purification tablets, oral rehydration solution and clothes for adults and children.

An assessment team is being put together which will consist of an experienced Programme Manager, Health Specialist, Public Health Engineer and, if needed, a Nutritionist.