Muslim Hands helping the worst affected in Andaman and Nicobar islands

from Muslim Hands International
Published on 24 Jan 2005
Muslim Hands is the only overseas charity that has gained access to help the victims of the tsunami in both the Andaman and Nicobar islands in India. We have provided food and medical aid in temporary camps to the displaced people of the area. Dr Sohail Nasti, a medical doctor and Muslim Hands worker is managing the operation on the ground.

Work completed by Muslim Hands on the Islands is as follows:

- MH has contributed help to the operating forces for the treatment of the areas that still are un-cleared of the dead bodies and debris, by providing the disinfectant sprays.

- MH has established a temporary primary school in Chauldari, 40kms from Port Blair. The school will have a dual purpose, to be used as a school during the day and a shelter for the women at night. We have also provided 100 uniforms, stationery, furniture and salaries for the teachers.

- MH has established a relief camp in the same locality and distributed food aid to the families that contained all basic food essentials.

- MH has provided medical aid to the families of the Chouldari area. We gave special attention to the maternal and child care and provided counselling to over 45 patients, who were suffering from PTSD (the after effects of the Tsunami). A medical camp was also established in the area of Sippi Ghat.

- MH provided a relief camp in the Sippi Ghat area, (30 kms from Port Blair) along with basic food essentials. In addition, basic utensils were also supplied.

- 40,000 litres of clean water was also provided in to the Jungli Ghat area by mobile water tanks.

Muslim hands volunteers alongside our medical specialists conducted field visits to provided home treatment to the those victims who were not able to travel to the medical camps in the Chauldari and the Sippi-ghat areas, due to severe illness and tsunami related trauma.

Muslim Hands has reached the most effected areas on the Island.

Teams from the UK are still in Indonesia and India. For press reports and interviews to talk with the team directly, arrangements can be made by contacting Shahid Bashir on 0044 115 9117222.

Muslim Hands has already appealed to the UK public to help the victims of Tsunami disaster. Your support is desperately needed to reach the victims of this catastrophe.

For more information about Muslim Hands in general or to donate on line, visit our website: or contact Mr Shahid Bashir on the following telephone number 0044 115 9117222.