Monsoon still a drizzle, city gets 64% less rain

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Piyal Bhattacharjee, TNN | Jul 22, 2011, 03.39am IST

NEW DELHI: Delhi seems to be headed for a dry spell amid a bountiful monsoon in the rest of the country.

The national capital has registered a rain deficit of 64% this season so far. Overcast sky is no consolation for the ever-increasing humidity that only adds to denizens' discomfort.

West Delhi is the worst hit, and is suffering from a 60% rain deficit. North-east Delhi has also recorded 47% below-normal rainfall.

East Delhi is marginally better at 39% shortfall. While, south-west Delhi and south Delhi had a slump of 36% and 33% respectively, for the same the period.

In rural India, such deficient rainfall would have led to a severe drought.

Last week, the monsoon has all but bypassed Delhi. The city had an extra dry spell —the shortfall was 82% below normal. And the week before, the deficiency was 64%.

The teeming metropolis had enjoyed a near normal monsoon in the second week of June, raising hopes of bountiful rains like last year, but that receded quickly.

This week, it is expected to remain quite dry, with forecast for more rains after July 24.

The shortage would lead the region's water aquifers being deprived of getting recharged. Consequently, those using underground water pumps in Delhi and adjoining Gurgaon are likely to face difficulties.

However, the rest of India seems to be on track as far as monsoon is concerned, buoyed by last week's rains.

The usually wet north-east is the only part of India that could see a below-normal rainfall even though parts of Assam has been flooded, affecting more than a lakh.

It's not odd, though, that a patch in a region experiences a dry spell even as neighbouring areas enjoy steady rainfall. Delhi, along with Haryana, is in the cusp of a bad monsoon, while Punjab and nearby Uttarakhand got their near-full quota of downpour.