Monsoon-2016: Daily monsoon / Flood situation report of 25 August 2016



According to the Central Water Commission (CWC) report dated 25/08/2016, there is 02 Unprecedented flood situation, 04 High flood and 15 Moderate flood sites have been reported in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal & Jharkhand :-


i) River Ganga at Bhagalpur, District- Bhagalpur, Bihar is flowing at 34.68 m against danger level 33.68 m with Steady Trend.

ii) River Ganga at Ballia, District- Ballia, UP is flowing at 60.39 m against danger level 57.615 m with Steady Trend.


i) River Ganga at Hathidah, District- Patna, Bihar is flowing at 43.11 m against danger level 41.76 m with Steady Trend

ii) River Ganga at Kahalgaon ( Colgong), District- Bhagalpur, Bihar is flowing at 32.75 m against danger level 31.09 m with Steady Trend.

iii) River Ganga at Patna Gandhighat District- Patna, Bihar is flowing at 50.11 m against danger level 48.6 m with Falling Trend. iv) River Ganga at Ghazipur, District- Ghazipur , Uttar Pradesh is flowing at 65.04 m against danger level 63.105 m with Steady Trend.


i) River Ganga at Buxar, District-Buxar, Bihar is flowing at 61.26m against danger level 60.32m with Steady Trend.

ii) River Ganga at Dighaghat(Seasonal ) District- Patna, Bihar is flowing at 51.72 m against danger level 50.45 m with Falling Trend.

iii) River Burhi Gandak at Khagaria, District- Khagaria, Bihar is flowing at 38.68m against danger level 36.58 m with Rising Trend.

iv) River Kosi at Kursela, District- Katihar, Bihar is flowing at 31.37 m against danger level 30.0 m with Steady Trend.

v) River Sone at Maner, District- Patna, Bihar is flowing at 53.25 m against danger level 52.0 m with Falling Trend.

vi) River Ganga at Munger, District- Munger, Bihar is flowing at 40.07 m against danger level 39.33 m with Steady Trend.

vii) River Punpun at Sripalpur, District- Patna, Bihar is flowing at 52.7 m against danger level 50.6 m with Rising Trend.

viii) River Ganga at Allahabad, District-Allahabad, UP is flowing at 85.3 m against danger level 84.734m with Falling Trend.

ix) River Ganga at Mirzapur, District- Mirzapur, UP is flowing at 78.47m against danger level 77.724m with Falling Trend.

x) River Ganga at Phaphamau , District –Allahabad, UP is flowing at 86.6m against danger level 84.734 m with Falling Trend.

xi) River Ganga at Varanashi, District- Varanasi, UP is flowing at 72.55 m against danger level 71.262m with Falling Trend.

xii) River Ganga at Farakka, District- Murshidabad, WB is flowing at 23.99 m against danger level 22.25m with Steady Trend.

xiii) River Ganga at Sahibganj, District- Shahibganj, Jharkhand is flowing at 28.86m against danger level 27.25m with Steady Trend.

xiv) River Yamuna at Chillaghat, District- Banda, U.P is flowing at 100.3 m against danger level 100.0 m with Falling Trend.

xv) River Yamuna at Naini, District- Allahabad, UP is flowing at 85.88 m against danger level 84.73m with Falling Trend.