Interplay of Disaster Risk, Climate Change, and Uncertainty - Issue No. 177, November 2018

from All India Disaster Mitigation Institute
Published on 17 Nov 2018 View Original

This issue of is titled "Interplay of Disaster Risk, Climate Change and Uncertainty" and highlights how the uncertainty related with disaster risk and climate change marginalizes at-risk communities by posing a serious threat to their overall development outcomes. Not only does this uncertainty manifest itself in different ways, it is also perceived by different people differently. For instance, there is a big gap in the way scientists and climate experts and at-risk communities perceive this uncertainty. While experts rely on quantitative models and projections, they are far removed from the lived experiences of atrisk communities who bear a disproportionate burden of the adverse impacts of this climate uncertainty.

This issue also contains examples of how at-risk communities are affected by the interplay of disaster risk, climate change and uncertainty. For instance, indigenous tribal communities have been living braving the natural uncertainties for centuries whether it's precarious living in forests, deserts, on seashores or facing 'natural' disasters. However, the anthropogenic intrusions into their lives by 'contacts' 'integration', 'development' led to diseases, displacement and despair in their lives. It is the task of our times to pursue the imperative of climate justice by empowering these atrisk communities with the skills and assets is to build resilience to climate uncertainty and associated risks.