India: World Vision provides relief to flood-affected in Gujarat

World Vision has provided relief to thousands of people affected by flooding in India's southern region of Gujarat. The floods have left close to 130 people dead and thousands homeless.
Relief efforts were launched almost immediately following the flooding in two World Vision programs located in the affected areas. More than 13,000 people received cooked food in Vadodara district by World Vision's Baroda Area Development Program. A rapid response effort was also launched in the Vyara program area.

In addition to this assistance, World Vision also supplied more than 20,000 food packets to the government, to be air-dropped into flood-affected areas during the first few days of the response.

"We continued providing cooked food for people from our target areas for the next few days as they were still in the relief camps," said Manoj Chauhan, World Vision's program manager in Baroda.

"We also provided close to 12,000 litres of clean drinking water and 2,500 packets of milk each day for the children, in association with the Baroda Milk Dairy," he said.

World Vision also provided 500 sets of utensils to families in Padra subdistrict, around 20 km from Baroda, and is looking at other possible interventions.

Report from Jayanth Vincent, World Vision India Communications

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