India: Tsunami reconstruction provides new hope to families

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Tsunami reconstruction is in full swing now, eight months after the December 26, 2004 tragedy that claimed over 10,000 lives in India. Two of our partner organizations, Orphans Faith Home and Reaching Hand Society, are involved in these ongoing reconstruction efforts. Orphans Faith Home is active in 40 coastal villages in Andhra Pradesh. The villagers, poor to begin with and economically devastated by the tsunami, cannot afford to repair or replace their boats and nets. Many of these small fishing communities still await outside financial assistance in order to resume their livelihood. Severe chronic hunger persists in these villages. Generous donations to India Partners totaling over $150,000 have provided food, water, medicine and blankets; donors have helped to repair or replace many boats, nets and homes (huts, actually; see photos above)-restoring both life and livelihood. However, much work remains to be done. To replace lost and damaged boats ($550 each) and nets ($330 each) for the many families in that area yet to be helped will require $50,000.
In addition to OFH, Reaching Hand Society has deployed a team to help five coastal villages north of Chennai (Madras). The RHS team is serving communities not being helped by the Indian government or other non-governmental organizations. The team is providing food, clothing, medications, vocational assistance (sewing and cobbling) and boats and nets to these communities. The RHS tsunami reconstruction project will cost $40,000, and thus far, $20,500 has been donated.

Partnering With Other Non-profit Agencies

Alongside individual donors, other faith-based non-profit agencies have been supporting India Partners' tsunami relief and reconstruction efforts. In January of this year, Northwest Medical Teams International, based in Portland, Oregon, gave India Partners a $15,000 grant which helped provide immediate disaster relief (food, water, medicine and blankets) to thousands of affected persons. Similarly, Chicago-based Bright Hope International granted $10,000 in January and is also providing a gift of $30,000 in the form of a 12-month pledge. "India Partners considers it a privilege to be working with organizations such as Northwest Medical Teams and Bright Hope to continue giving hope and daily bread to the tsunami survivors in India," says Brent Hample, Executive Director of India Partners.

To help India Partners in tsunami reconstruction, here's how to donate:

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