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Chapter - 1


The world over it has been experienced that a prompt, well-coordinated and effective response mounted in the aftermath of disasters not only minimizes loss of life and property but also facilitates early recovery. The important ingredients of an effective response system are integrated institutional arrangements, state of the art forecasting and early warning systems, fail-safe communication system, rapid evacuation of threatened communities, quick deployment of specialized response forces and coordination and synergy among various agencies at various levels in dealing with any disaster. Most importantly, all the agencies and their functionaries must clearly understand their roles and responsibilities and they specific actions they have to take for responding to disaster or threatening disaster situations.

1.2 All natural disasters except drought, pest attacks and hailstorm will be handled by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Drought, pest- attacks and hailstorm will be dealt with by the Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperation. This SOP will deal with natural disasters such as flood, cyclone, earthquake, landslides, avalanche etc. which fall under the nodal responsibility of Ministry of Home Affairs.

1.3 This SOP lays down, in a comprehensive manner, the specific actions required to be taken by various Ministries and Departments of Government of India and Organisations under the control of Government of India at the National level and concerned State Governments and the district administration for responding to natural disasters of any magnitude and dimension.