India: Southwest monsoon 2008 - Daily flood situation report No 94, 02 Sep 2008

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- Light to moderate with isolated heavy falls has been reported in some parts of the State.

- On 18.08.2008, a long embankment was swept away at Kushaha in Nepal, about 7 km away from the Kosi Barrage at Birpur in Supaul.

- Due to above breach, river Kosi has reportedly changed its course and shifted over 120 km eastwards. As a result, the large areas of Supaul, Madhepura, Katihar, Saharsa and Araria are reported to have been inundated and affected severely. More areas in these districts are getting inundated and numerous other embankments are under threat of being breached.

  • In Supaul District, about 8,93,790 people in 243 villages and 73 Panchayats (68 fully & 5 partially) have been badly affected.
  • In Madhepura District, about 10.22 lakh people in 378 villages have been badly affected. 126 Panchayats have been affected severely.
  • In Araria District, about 2.50 lakh people in 04 blocks and in 30 villages have been badly affected.
  • In Saharsa District, about 2.50 lakh people in 07 Panchayats and in 35 villages have been badly affected.
  • In Katihar District, about 62,015 people in 13 Blocks, 26 villages and in 63 villages have been badly affected.
  • In Purnia District, about 1,50,000 people in 20 Panchayats have been badly affected.
- In all, about 33,07,000 people from 1849 villages in 16 districts have been affected severely due to flood so far.

- 07 human deaths have been reported by the State from 01.09.08 to 02.08.08. The total human death toll of the State is 63.

- 2,99,071 houses have been damaged so far.

- 2640 boats and 154 motor boats are pressed into service for rescue and relief operations.

- 6,48,525 persons have been evacuated from the affected areas so far.

- In 270 relief camps about 2,52,362 people accommodated.

- In 100 cattle camps about 11,071 animals accommodated.

- 177 medical teams deployed in the affected areas of the State.

- 206 Health Centre opened in the flood affected areas.

Food packets distributed by the State

Wheat & Rice-6324.00 Q, Chana-329.00 Q, Chura-2243.30 Q, Sattu-337.50 Q, Gur-298.96 Q, Salt-18.25 Q, Matchboxes-134026, Candles-187941 K.Oil-9224 ltr, Polythene Sheets distributed-69235

Food packets airdropped by the State:

59613 packets (Chura 1791.51 Q, Sattu-593.67 Q, Gur-298.86, Salt-298.16 Q, Hallogen Tablet-438680

Cash distributed by the State

32.93 lakh has been distributed so far.

Position of rivers in the State

- River Ganga, Ghaghra, Burhi Gandhak, Bagmati, Adhwara, Kosi and Mahananda continued to be flowing above their danger levels at various places in the State.

- The Kosi River in the state is in receding trend and reportedly about one foot water has been decreased so far.