India: Southwest monsoon - 2007: daily flood situation report No-41/2007

Situation Report
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- Heavy to very heavy rainfall has been reported in some parts of the State during last 24 hours. 37,069 people continue to stay in 73 relief centres.

- All rivers in the State are reportedly flowing below their warning levels.

- Due to release of water from Sardar Sarovar dam into river Narmada from Ukai dam into river Tapi, inundation has been reported in low lying areas of some parts of Surat, Anand & Ahmedabad districts.

- 251 Panchayat and 29 State roads have been damaged.

- Electricity has been cut off in 142 villages in the State. Efforts are reportedly being taken by State Government for restoration of electricity.

- 333 Medical Officers and 1726 Para-medical staffs continue to be deployed in the affected districts.


- Light rainfall has been reported in the State during last 24 hours.

- No fresh human death case has been reported in the State during last 24 hours.

- Due to collapse of wall of Jaswant Sagar Dam, 07 villages were affected severely. The road and telecommunication for these villages were totally cut off. However, now the situations in these villages are reported to be normal. Water has started receding and road & telecommunication linkages have largely been restored.

- Situation in the affected districts is reportedly returning to normal.


- Light rainfall has been reported in the State during last 24 hours.

- Due to breach of embankments at different places, the water has entered into various low lying areas of Poorva Midnapur, Pashchim Midnapur, Bankura and Hoogle districts. Due to which, people living in the low lying areas have been evacuated to the safer places.

- About 1,64,757 people have been evacuated from 06 districts and accommodated in 987 relief centres.

- The overall flood situation in the State is reportedly improving.


- Light to moderate rainfall has been reported in the State during last 24 hours.

- 39,443 people have been shifted in safer places.

- About 152 boats & 16 country boats deployed in various flood hit areas for providing rescue and relief operations

- 108 CISF personnel with 14 boats deployed in Balasore district for rescue & relief operations.

- 02 ODRAF teams with 5 boats deployed in Bhadrak district for rescue & relief operations.

- 05 ODRAF teams deployed in Jajpur district.

- Free kitchens opened by the State in some of the affected districts where foods are being served to the evacuated persons.

- 33 Medical teams have been deployed in the flood affected districts and 96 medical relief centres established for providing medical care.

Human deaths

- As per provisional information received from the States, 29 human deaths (20-Orissa, 04 - Gujarat and 05 - West Bengal) were reported during last 24 hours.


- Yesterday's low pressure area over southeast Rajasthan and neighbourhood has become less marked. However, associated cyclonic circulations extending upto mid-tropospheric level lies over central Rajasthan & neighbourhood. Under its influence, fairly widespread rainfalls with isolated heavy falls are likely over south Rajasthan and Gujarat region during next 24 hours and decrease thereafter.

- Fairly widespread rainfalls with isolated heavy to very heavy falls are likely over northeast India, Sub-Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim and Bihar during next 2-3 days.

- A low pressure area over North Bay of Bengal around 14th July is likely to form causing increase in rainfall activity over Orissa and Gangetic West Bengal during subsequent 48 hours.

Central Water Commission(CWC)

There are 01 Moderate and 08 Low Flood situation sites in the country.