India: South West Monsoon 2005 - Flood Situation Report 8 Jul 2005

Situation Report
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A comprehensive status report on the flood situation in different parts of the country is given below:-

Yesterday's low pressure area over north-east Rajasthan and adjoining Haryana has further weakened into an upper air cyclonic circulation extending upto 5.8 Km above sea level over north-west Rajasthan and its neighbourhood.

This has caused significant reduction in the rainfall activity over north-west India and the western Himalayas. However, rainfall is still likely at a few places over western Himalayas, particularly Jammu & Kashmir during next 48 hours. Isolated showers are also likely over Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

A fresh cyclonic circulation has developed over north-west and adjoining west central Bay of Bengal which may enhance the monsoon activity over parts of east-central and adjoining peninsular India during the next 2-3 days.


1. Extent of Damage

i. No. and names of districts affected: 09 - [(1) Sagar, (2) Katni, (3) Rewa, (4) Satna, (5) Jabalpur, (6) Damoh, (7) Narsinghpur, (8) Panna, and (9) Chhattarpur [02 deaths have also been reported in Vidisa district and 01 in Umaria district due to heavy rains]

ii. No. & Names of the districts severely affected: 2 -- Damoh and Panna.

iii. No. of villages affected: 415

iv. Villages marooned: 129 (Being reassessed)

v. Villages under water: 07 (Being reassessed)

vi. Urban areas affected: 06

vii. Population affected: 12.00 lakh (9.5 lakh urban: 2.5 lakh rural)

viii. Loss of human lives: 45

ix. People missing: 13

2. Telecommunications:

A large number of landline telephones have been restored but mobile services are still affected.

Telephone lines disrupted in large parts of Sagar, Panna and Damoh districts.

3. Roads:

Many road links continue to be disrupted in Damoh and Pannah districts.

State PWD and NHAI working for restoration of links. The State PWD is repairing the bridge on NH-26 which was washed away near Sagar town and it is expected to be opened for traffic any time. As confirmed by the State Government, Bailey bridges from MoD are now not needed.

4. Drinking water:

State Government is monitoring the supply of drinking water and ensuring that water is provided to the marooned villages in particular.

5. Rescue & Relief :

Rescue of marooned people in Panna and Damoh districts remains the priority.

Relief materials air dropped in Sagar , Damoh and Panna districts.

Relief camps operational : 117

No. of people in relief camps: 29,359 [Panna: 10,400; Damoh: 6,000; Katni: 4,300; Satna: 2580; Jabalpur: 2000 etc.]

6. Health Situation:

Medical Teams have been constituted in all affected districts.

Medical camps have been set up in Rewa and Satna.

Essential medicines being air dropped in inaccessible areas.

7. Army assistance:

4 Army columns, 15 motor boats deployed in Panna, Sagar, Damoh districts.

8. Air Force assistance:

4 helicopters deployed for relief and rescue operations in Damoh and Panna districts. Air dropping in Damoh and Panna districts are in full swing. The helicopters are needed for next few days.

9. Present position:

Flood water levels are receding.

Situation has improved substantially in 7 districts viz. Rewa, Satna, Katni, Chhatarpur, Sagar, Narsinghpur and Jabalpur.

Situation in Damoh district has marginally improved but continues to be difficult in Panna district as many villages are still marooned and not accessible.

Disbursement of immediate relief to affected persons and restoration of infrastructure under progress.

10. Damage assessment:

State Government would be able to make assessment of damage only when flood water levels recede.

11. Requirements:

4 Helicopters deployed in relief operations required to continue for next 2-3 days.

NHAI to provide additional funds for repairs of National Highways affected in the floods.


Water level in all rivers/tributaries is receding as there has been no heavy rainfall in the State during the last 12 hours.

96 foreign tourists and 691 domestic tourists have been evacuated from Kinnaur district. 105 foreign tourists and 128 domestic tourists are reported to be still stranded at Sarchu and between Sarchu and Bharatpur due to blockage of road/snowfall. In addition, some shepherds are also reported to be stranded between Dodra and Sarchu in Lahaul and Spiti districts.

National Highway between Kulu and Manali blocked. Some portion of National Highway at Ramshila (Kulu) has also been damaged. Rampur- Kaja-Sumdoh road (200 kms. long) is reported to be blocked at several places disconnecting Spiti and Kinnaur from this route.

6 bridges have been washed away.

Chirgaon block of Shimla district is completely cut off.

35 houses, 1 Primary School building, 1 Fish farm and 4 foot bridges have been damaged/washed away in district Kulu.

The main concerns are :

- Transportation of 17,000 tonnes of Peas and 14.25 lakhs boxes of apple from the inaccessible areas.

- Repair of roads and bridges.

- Evacuations of about 240 stranded people at various points on Manali- Leh road

02 Air Force and 01 BSF helicopter have been provided to the State Government for evacuation of stranded person, airlifting of peas and other relief related works.

Border Road Organisation has been requested to prepare a work plan and expedite the repair work of affected roads and bridges.


Weather is clear. Normal rainfall in Srinagar Division has been reported.

River Chenab is flowing at 33 ft. as compared to its danger level of 34 ft.

River Tawi is flowing at 09 ft. as compared to its danger level of 20 ft.

Ujh river in Kathua is flowing below danger level. All the 20 people stranded at Kathua have been evacuated.

10,000 people in 15 villages at Akhnoor in Jammu Division may have to be evacuated if the water in the river Chenab rises to the danger level.

MoD has been informed to contact the Chief Secretary for extending necessary assistance if required.

Review Meeting taken by Home Secretary

Home Secretary reviewed the flood situation in, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir with all concerned Ministries/Departments in the meeting held on 08th July, 2005 at 1230 hrs. The gist of discussions and action taken by the Government of India are at Annexure.


Rainfall situation :

a. Average rainfall of the State -- 863 mm

b. Cumulative average rainfall -- 625 mm out of 863 mm (69% of the average)

c. No. of affected districts : 20 out of 25

d. No. of villages affected : 8000-10000

Rivers flowing at danger levels : Nil

Status of water level in dam: 69

No. of dams in high alert -- 39

No. of dams on alert -- 14

No. of dams on warning level -- 16

No. of Deaths reported : 202 (due to drowning, collapse of houses and lightning, etc.) 11 persons are reported missing.

Population evacuated : 2.98 lakh : Vadodara (99022), Bharuch (42717), Surat (33727), Navsari (33096), Anand (32694), Kheda (28941), Amreli (11525) (4 to 5 lakh affected persons have been sheltered by community & NGOs)

With the situation limping back to normalcy, evacuated people have started returning to their homes.

Effect on Power Supply

1. Power supply still affected -- 35 out of 6717 villages

2. Power supply restored -- in all the 57 affected towns

3. No. of Feeders still affected - 12 out of 2405

5. No. of Distribution Transformers still affected - 267 out of 2228

Roads and Bridges:

1. Traffic on Expressway and National Highways restored.

2. No. of State Roads still affected 23 out of 262.

3. No. of Panchayats still affected 139 out of 1561.

4. No. of Bridges affected: 1 -- Raidi (Amreli) -- Restoration work is going on.

(4690 skilled labourers and 87 JCBs, 363 dumpers/tractors are deployed for repair and restoration of roads)


1. Air Traffic is operating normally.

2. Rail traffic will be restored fully by 18th July, 2005.

3. Temporary restoration of roads is being completed on a war footing.

Water Supply:

(i) No. of regional water supply schemes affected: 294

(ii) No. of villages in which water supply is still affected: 318 out of 5752

(iii) Water supply in all the 34 affected towns have been restored.

Super chlorination is done to prevent water borne diseases.

From tail end villages of regional water supply schemes, water samples are collected to ascertain water quality including chlorine residue.

240 samples were collected and tested in laboratory to verify water quality/chlorine residue in 2272 villages.

On All India Radio as well as Doordarshan, tele-spots are broadcasted/telecast five times in a day during regular intervals about chlorination, using safe drinking water, removal of garbage etc.

In those villages where regular water supply could not be restored, 184 road tankers have been deployed and safe water is being provided.

Rescue & Relief :

1. 11 Air Force helicopters and all 10 columns of the army have all been de-requisitioned.

2. 750 CRPF personnel deployed in Gujarat for relief and rescue operations have been de-requisitioned and placed at the disposal of DG, Gujarat for Rath Yatra bandobast.

Health Measures:

i. Number of Medical Teams deployed : 1239

ii. Number of Medical Officers deployed : 509

iii. Number of Para-Medical assistants deployed: 2913

iv. Chlorination done -- tanks, wells etc. - 32005

v. Chlorine tablets distributed : 58.24 lakh

vi. ORS packet distributed : 53,738

vii. Bleaching powder distributed : 11,455 Kg.

Carcasses disposal:

More than 200 Technical Teams are engaged for the disposal of carcasses. Services of Veterinary Colleges and Agricultural Universities are also taken for this purpose. So far, 2021 carcasses have been disposed.

Relief stocks:

Food packets preparation and distribution through local initiatives has started on a massive scale. Community kitchens and Langars have also been opened by NGOs. 210 MT of food packets and other material air dropped till date. 13,50,838 food packets, 12.36 lakh water bottles and water pouches distributed in the affected areas.

Damage assessment:

Survey work for assessment of damage has commenced in all the flood affected districts of Gujarat.

Emergency relief is going on to provide financial assistance, cash doles, household kits assistance and ex-gratia payment for deceased persons, to the affected families.

Ex-gratia for the deceased persons has been paid in 108 cases.


Amount paid (Rs. in Lakh)
Cash doles
5,60,794 persons
Household kits
39,716 families


Light to moderate rainfall has been reported in the State.

At Banda, Ken river is flowing at 111.80 m which is 7.8 m above the danger level of 104 m. It has a receding trend.

Yamuna river at Chillaghat is flowing at 100.39 m as against the danger level of 100 m. The water level is receding.

The river Ganges is flowing marginally below the warning level at Ghazipur and Ballia with a rising trend. However, at Ballia, the forecast for 09th July, 2005 shows that the water level is likely to marginally cross the danger level of 57.62 m.


Normal rainfall has been reported in the State.

Water level in all major rivers is steadily receding.

No flood/landslides have been reported.


All rivers are flowing below their danger levels.

The rivers Kosi at Basua and Sone at Koelwar are flowing marginally above the warning level and both these rivers have a receding trend.


There has been moderate rainfall in the State.

River Longai is flowing at 24.36m as against the danger level of 22 m. There is an apprehension that any rise in the water level may affect 20-25 villages in Patherkandi area.

Rivers Hailakandi in Silchar and Singla are flowing marginally above their danger level. However, this has not affected the area.

River Kushiara in Karimganj is flowing marginally below its danger level with a rising trend.


Due to heavy rainfall in Alwar district, train services were reportedly disrupted there between 7.00 A.M. and 4.00 P.M.

In rest of the State, rainfall is normal.


Heavy rainfall has been reported in Hissar and Rohtak districts.

Situation is normal.


With release of water at Tajewala barrage by Haryana Government, the water level in Yamuna at Delhi has risen to 203.41 m as against the warning level of 204 m and danger level of 204.83 m.

The forecast for 8th July 2005 is that the water level in the Yamuna river is likely to rise to 204.10 m which is slightly more than the warning level of 204.00 m. The State Government has been informed through an advisory issued by MHA.

General :

The situation in the States/UTs of: (1) Andhra Pradesh, (2) Arunachal Pradesh, (3) Chattisgarh, (4) Goa, (5) Maharashtra, (6) Manipur, (7) Meghalaya, (8) Mizoram, (9) Nagaland, (10) Punjab, (11) Tamil Nadu, (12) Tripura, (13) Karnataka, (14) Orissa, (15) Andaman & Nicobar Islands, (16) Chandigarh, (17) Daman & Diu and Dadra Nagar Haveli and (18) Lakshadweep is reported to be normal.

(Ashim Khurana)
Joint Secretary (DM)


1. Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister ( Shri T K A Nair)

2. Cabinet Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Rashtrapati Bhawan

3. Private Secretary to the Prime Minister (Shri BVR Subrahmanyam).

4. Prime Minister's Office (Shri Sanjay Mitra, Joint Secretary).

5. Cabinet Secretariat (Shri Shatrughana Singh, Joint Secretary).

Copy to:-

1. PS to HM/PS to MOS(R).

2. PS to HS/PPS to Secretary (BM)/JS (DM)/Director (PR)/DS (NDM.I)/IOC, MHA/Master Folder.


Gist of discussions of the meeting taken by Union Home Secretary on 8th July, 2005 at 1230 hours to review the flood situation in Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and action taken by the Government of India.

The Inter Ministerial review meeting on 8th July, 2005 at 1230 hours was conducted by Union Home Secretary to review the situation and relief measures mounted to meet the floods in the States of Madhya Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh. After detailed discussion the following points emerged :


(i) The repair work on NH-75 where there is one breach is in progress and is required to be expedited for restoration of traffic.

(ii) 16 telephone exchanges in Damoh, 08 in Sagar and 08 in Panna districts are still not functional. Mobile telephone services are also affected. Department of Telecommunication is required to expedite the repair work and restore the exchanges as soon as possible.

(iii) Public Health Teams have been deputed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare which are leaving today to the affected areas for making an assessment of the situation and for providing necessary assistance. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare would be required to be in constant touch with the State Government and meet the requirements of the State Government for the medicines, disinfectants etc.


(i) 02 Air Force helicopters and 01 BSF helicopter which have been placed at the disposal of the State Government for relief and rescue operations may also be deployed for evacuation of stranded tourists from the affected districts.

(ii) For transportation of the harvested crop of Peas from inaccessible areas, the State Government may also engage the BSF and Air Force helicopters placed at their disposal.

(iii) Apple boxes (14.25 lakhs) which are ready for transportation from inaccessible areas as reported by the State Government have to be moved by trucks as airlifting would not be feasible on account of their tonnage. Manali town is already connected through alternative detour and the Kullu Manali highway is expected to be operational in a day or two. The State Government may therefore, plan movement of apple boxes through this route. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways would be required to give priority to the maintenance of Kullu Manali Highway.

(iv) Border Road Organization (BRO) intimated that repair of roads in the inaccessible areas is already underway and detailed work plan has been prepared for restoration of roads under BRO in the State. The work is likely to be completed in about 2 to 3 months time. Home Secretary desired that the repair work should be expedited.

(v) The Resident Commissioner, HP would arrange a meeting of Director General, BRO and a senior representative from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway with the Chief Minister, HP for discussing modalities for early restoration of roads in the State and deciding alternative routes for transportation of apples from the inaccessible areas.

(vi) The Resident Commissioner, HP mentioned that there has been extensive damage to infrastructure i.e. roads and bridges due to heavy rains and floods and Central Share of second installment of CRF for the year 2005-06 may be released immediately. She also requested that an ad-hoc release Rs.50 crore out of NCCF may be released to facilitate relief operations, pending assessment of damages caused by the floods Inter Ministerial Central Team.