India: South West Monsoon 2005 - Flood Situation Report 6 Jul 2005

Situation Report
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A comprehensive status report on the flood situation in different parts of the country is given below:-

As per IMD's latest report, the depression over northeast Madhya Pradesh and neighbourhood moved slightly northwestwards and has weakened into a well marked low pressure area over southwest Uttar Pradesh and adjoining north Madhya Pradesh. The Monsoon trough passing through the centre of low pressure across Gangetic plains is well established. The interaction of an upper air westerly trough with the low pressure area also continues. Under its influence widespread rain with isolated very heavy falls still likely over Madhya Pradesh and west Uttar Pradesh, isolated heavy rainfall is also likely over western Himalayas.


1. Extent of Damage

i. No. and names of districts affected: 11 - [(1) Sagar, (2) Katni, (3) Rewa, (4) Satna, (5) Shahdol, (6) Jabalpur, (7) Damoh, (8) Narsinghpur, (9) Umaria, (10) Panna and (11) Chhattarpur].

ii. No. & Names of the districts severely affected: 2 -- Damoh and Panna.

iii. No. of villages affected: 358

iv. Villages marooned: 129

v. Villages under water: 07

vi. Population affected: 2.5 lakh

vii. Loss of human lives: 26

viii. People missing: 22

ix. Telecommunications:

- Link disrupted in all the affected districts.

- Complete breakdown in Panna and Damoh.

x. Roads:

- NH -7, 75, 78, 86 are affected.

- Most critical disruption is on Sagar-Jhansi Highway.

- Key bridge washed away near Sagar town which has disrupted the traffic.

- Army assistance is required for restoration of traffic by erection of temporary bridge.

2. Relief & Rescue:

- Relief materials air dropped in Sagar and Damoh districts.

- Relief camps operational : 117

- No. of people in relief camps: 24,539 [Panna: 10,400; Katni: 4,300; Satna: 2580; Jabalpur: 2000 etc.]

3. Army assistance:

- 4 Army columns, 15 boats deployed.

4. Air Force assistance:

- 4 Helicopters deployed for relief and rescue operations.

- Air dropping in Panna not possible due to inclement weather.

5. Present position:

- There had been very heavy rainfall in the Panna district during the last twenty four hours.

- Flood water is receding in Sagar District.

6. Requirements:

- Army assistance is sought for temporary restoration of the washed out bridge near Sagar town.

7. Financial assistance provided by Centre:

- The first instalment of Central share of CRF for the year 2005-2006 amounting to Rs.95.34 crore has been released.


I. Rainfall situation :

a. Average rainfall of the State -- 863 mm

b. Cumulative average rainfall -- 623 mm out of 863 mm (69% of the average) as on 0800 hrs. on 04.07.2005

c. No rainfall recorded during 04th July and 05th July , 2005 from 08.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

d. No. of affected districts : 20 out of 25

e. No. of villages affected : 8000-10000

II. Rivers flowing at danger levels : Nil

III. Status of water level in dam: 70

- No. of dams in high alert -- 41

- No. of dams on alert -- 12

- No. of dams on warning level -- 17

IV. No. of Deaths reported : 174 (due to drowning, collapse of houses and lightning, etc.) 13 persons are reported missing.

V. Population evacuated : 2.97 lakh : Vadodara (99022), Bharuch (42717),

Surat (33727), Navsari (33096), Anand (32694), Kheda (28941), Amreli (11525) (4 to 5 lakh affected persons have been sheltered by community & NGOs)

With the situation limping back to normalcy, evacuated people have started returning to their homes.

VI. Effect of Power Supply

1. No. of villages affected -- 6531; No. of towns affected -- 57

2. Power supply restored -- 6190 villages and 57 towns

3. Power supply still disrupted - only in 341 villages

4. No. of Feeders still affected - 145 out of 2343

5. No. of Distribution Transformers still affected - 386 out of 1166

VII. Roads and Bridges:

1. Traffic on Expressway and National Highways restored.

2. No. of State Roads still affected 52 out of 262.

3. No. of Panchayats still affected 327 out of 1561.

4. No. of Bridges affected: one -- Raidi ( Amreli) -- Restoration work is going on.

(4690 skilled labourers and 87 JCBs, 363 dumpers/tractors are deployed for repair and restoration of roads)

VIII. Communications

1. Air Traffic is operating normally.

2. Rail traffic is being restored rapidly.

3. Temporary restoration of roads is being completed on a war footing.

IX. Water Supply:

(i) No. of regional water supply schemes affected: 294

(ii) No. of villages in which water supply is still affected: 1833 out of 5752

(iii) No. of towns in which water supply is still affected: 4 out of 32

X. Rescue & Relief :

1. 10 out of 11 helicopters have been de-requisitioned by the State Government.

2. 5 out of 10 Army columns would be de-requisitioned shortly.

3. 10 out of 56 boats supplied by the Army are being returned by the State Government. As the water levels are fast receding, the State Government would make a fresh assessment of the situation and may consider returning a few more boats to the Army.

4. 750 CRPF personnel deployed in Gujarat for relief and rescue operations have been de-requisitioned and placed at the disposal of DG, Gujarat for Rath Yatra bandobast.

XI. Health Measures:

i. No report of any epidemic in the State.

ii. Gastro-enteritis cases under effective control.

XII. Relief stocks: Food packets, water pouches/bottles are still being distributed to the flood affected persons in Anand, Kheda (Nadiad), Ahmedabad (west), Ahmedabad (rural) and Vadodara. Community kitchens and Langars are functioning on a large scale to provide succour to the affected people.

XIII. Shelters/Temporary Accommodation: The State Government has focused its attention on providing temporary shelters to approximately 40, 000- 50, 000 affected families.

XIV. Damage assessment:

Survey work for assessment of damage has commenced in all the flood affected districts of Gujarat

XV. Review Meeting taken by Secretary (BM)

Secretary (BM) reviewed the flood situation in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat with all concerned Ministries/Departments in the meeting held on 06 th July, 2005 at 1330 hrs. The gist of discussions and action taken by the Government of India are at Annexure.


Heavy rainfall has been reported in the State, since last night.

The water level in rivers Sutlej and Beas are rising. However, they are flowing below the warning level.

The National Highway No. 22 and the State Highways are blocked. People have been shifted to safer places.

4,600 people have been evacuated in Kinnaur district.

No report of loss of human life has been received at the State Headquarters, so far.


River Yamuna in district Dehradun is in spate. 1 truck with 10 passengers was stranded in Nawghat in Dehradun Tehsil on 05th July, 2005. 8 passengers have been evacuated to safety. Efforts being made to evacuate remaining 2 passengers.

In Vikas Nagar Tehsil of Dehradun district 7 trucks, one recovery van and 20 persons were stranded on 05th July, 2005 due to sudden rise in water level of river Yamuna. 12 persons have been evacuated safely and remaining 8 persons are being evacuated. 2 Rafting Teams have been deputed for rescue operations. Senior district officials are camping at the site and communication has been established through wireless.

River Bhagirathi in the district Uttarkashi is also in spate. At Chennalisod which is a small Island, a Sadhu and his disciple are stranded on a tree top since last night. The State Government has requested to send an Air Force helicopter to rescue them. Air Force has been requested accordingly.

At Devidhar, one person was washed away in rising waters of the river Bhagirathi.

At Hanuman Chatti, the power house is submerged due to heavy rains. The road link is disrupted and drinking water supply line is broken.


Due to low pressure at Banda and South West Uttar Pradesh, moderate rainfall has been recorded in Banda and South West Uttar Pradesh.

The rivers Ken and Betwa are flowing above danger levels and the water level is rising in these two rivers.

8,975 people are affected.

A steamer with 24 people (4 Provincial Armed Constables and 16 others) engaged in rescue operation capsized. 5 civilians out of them are still missing while others swam ashore safely.

16 villages of Banda district, 29 hamlets have been marooned. 25 hamlets have been evacuated, while people from 4 hamlets are still marooned.

Banda town has also been affected because of overflowing of river Ken.

The Central Water Commission has informed that the Ken river was flowing at 0800 hours at 112.39 m against danger level of 104.00 m. The forecast for today at midnight (2400 hours) is 113.20 m which is 0.08 m below the highest flood level of 113.28 m recorded on 14.9.1992. However, the river is expected to rise further. An advisory has been issued to the State Government.


The State has so far received 177.5 mm rainfall against normal rainfall of 216.5 mm for the month of June 2005.

The river Baitarani is presently flowing below warning level. The water level has receded in the three affected districts viz. Bhadrak, Jajpur and Kendrapara.

No other river is flowing above warning level the situation has returned to normal.


Continuous rains have been reported in catchment areas.

The rivers Markandeya and Hiranyakeshi (tributaries of river Krishna) are flowing above the normal level.

The crops in some areas have been damaged and the damage is being assessed.


The situation in the above Union Territories is normal. However, the Administration has reported that as far as Daman is concerned, there is a risk of floods as the water level in the river Damanganga can rise due to two other rivers flowing into it as well as the river meets the sea very close to Daman town. In case there is heavy rainfall and the Madhuban Dam Authorities are forced to release large quantity of water and such release coincides with the high tide, then the river water is unable to flow into sea resulting in flooding of the township. The period from 6th to 9th July is the period when the tide is at its highest in the whole year. A close watch on the situation is being kept.

At present Damanganga is flowing at 25.85 mtr as against the danger level of 30 mtrs.


Landslides have been reported in some parts of the State.

Damage to the property (around 20 houses) has been reported.

There has been damage/blockade of some roads resulting in disruption of traffic.

Power supply has been disrupted in some parts of the State.

Relief camps have been established and the restoration/ repair works of the damaged roads is in progress.

General :

The situation in the States/UTs of: (1) Andhra Pradesh, (2) Arunachal Pradesh, (3) Chattisgarh, (4) Goa, (5) Haryana, (6) Maharashtra, (7) Manipur, (8) Meghalaya, (9) Mizoram, (10) Nagaland, (11) Punjab, (12) Tamil Nadu, (13) Tripura, (14) Andaman & Nicobar Islands, (15) Chandigarh, (16) Lakshadweep and (17) NCT of Delhi is reported to be normal.

(Ashim Khurana )
Joint Secretary (DM)


1. Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister ( Shri T K A Nair)

2. Private Secretary to the Prime Minister (Shri BVR Subrahmanyam).

3. Prime Minister's Office (Shri Sanjay Mitra, Joint Secretary).

4. Cabinet Secretariat (Shri Shatrughana Singh, Joint Secretary).

Copy to:-

1. PS to HM/PS to MOSI.

2. PS to HS/PPS to Secretary (BM)/JS (DM)/Director (PR)/DS (NDM.I)/IOC, MHA/Master Folder.


Gist of discussions of the meeting taken by Union Home Secretary on 5th July, 2005 at 1230 hours to review the flood situation in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh and action taken by the Government of India.