India: South West Monsoon 2005 - Flood Situation Report 31 Jul 2005

A comprehensive status report on the flood situation in different parts of the country is given below:

During past 24 hours:

Yesterday's deep depression now remained practically stationary near Keonjargarh in Orissa. The system is likely to move in a west-northwesterly direction. It has enhanced rainfall activity over Chhatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Rainfall has also increased over North Konkan and decreased over Orissa.

Forecast valid for next 24 hours

Enhanced rainfall activity likely over Chhatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh with heavy to very heavy rain falls at a few places. The rain belt may extend westwards into Gujarat state and south Rajasthan.

Enhanced rainfall activity also likely over Konkan and Goa with heavy to very heavy falls at a few places.

Moderate rainfall activity with isolated heavy falls also likely over interior Maharashtra, Orissa, coastal Karnataka, Jharkhand, Telangana and Gujarat region.


According to the Central Water Commission (CWC) report dated 31th July 2005, there are No Unprecedented or High flood sites. There are 02 Moderate and 22 Low flood situation sites.

The details of moderate flood sites are as under:

1. River Brahmaputra at Dibrugarh (Assam) is flowing at 104.95 m against the danger level of 104.24 m with a steady trend.

2. River Brahmani at Jenapur Ex.way (Orissa) is flowing at 23.26 m against the danger level of 23 m with a steady trend.


Heavy to very heavy rainfalls have been reported in Mumbai and North Konkan region in the State during the last 24 hours. In the rest of the State, isolated moderate rains have also been reported.

River Godavari at Kopergaon is flowing below its danger level.

Koina River is in spate. Because of rise in water level, 48000 cusec of water has been released. The low lying areas of Sangli and Satara Distts are flooded. The State Govt has issued Flood alert warning to Ratangiri and Raigarh districts on the upstream side and Sangli and Satara Distts on the downstream side of Koina River.

Due to heavy rains, few places in Mumbai suburban, Thane, Satara, and Sangli districts have been affected by floods.

Approximately 300 villages in these districts and 1.2 crore population has been affected by the recent rains/floods. About 10,000 houses have reportedly been damaged.

Relief camps have been closed, however, because of heavy rains in the last 24 hours, fresh relief camps may be established if required.

The State has engaged about 2000 municipal employees, drawing them from non affected areas, for clearing mud and slush in various districts including in Bhiwandi in Thane district.

Because of heavy rains, the repair works for resuming the road traffic in the city of Mumbai and other places has been stopped. New road blockades have been reported near Alibagh. Kashelighat is damaged. Mumbai-Pune Express Way has been reopened. Mumbai-Goa National Highway has been partially opened and about 20 to 25 percent traffic has started moving on this highway. Repair on 15 damaged bridges on this highway have been stopped.

Rail communication is affected adversely. Western railway is operating at 10% capacity level. Central Railway and Harbour lines are completely closed due to heavy rains.

Air services have been stopped, however, they may likely to resume by evening of 31st July 05.

90 percent mobile and landline telephone services are operational in the city. The telephone services in Mumbai suburban are not fully operational and may take 1-2 days for full functionality.

Water supply system has become normal except in certain areas. Shahad town in Thane district is having serious problems of water supply. Drinking water is being supplied here through water tankers. Restoration of water supply system is likely to be completed by tomorrow.

Power supply is nearly normal except in Mumbai suburban district. Full restoration of power supply is likely to take few more days.

The schools and other educational institutions will remain close on Monday i.e 1st August 05.

Total 910 deaths 71 injury and 45 missing cases have been reported in the State. The details are as under:

Name of districts: Death / Injured / Missing

1. Mumbai: 421 / 16 -

2. Navi Mumbai 59 / 23 -

3. Mumbai (Railway): 07 / 02 / 12

4. Thane: 170 / 20 / 11

5. Thane (Rural): 38 / - / 14

6. Raigad: 126 / - / 02

7. Ratnagiri: 15 / - /

8. Sindhudurg: 06 / 03

9. Kolhapur: 10 / 01

10. Parbhani: 03 / 01

11. Nanded: 08 / 01

12. Yeotamal: 09 / -

13. Satara: 03 / 01

14. Aurangabad(Urban): 01 / -

15. Aurangabad(Rural): 06 / -

16. Beed: 07 / -

17. Jalana: 01 / -

18. Hingoli: 01 / 02

19. Wardha: 01 / -

20. Pune (Urban): 06 / -

21. Pune (Rural): 06 / -

22. Nasik: 01 / -

23. Bhandara: 05 / -

24. Washim: 02 / 01 / 02

25. Amaravati: 04 / - / 01

26. Nondurbur: 01 / - / 03

03 major landslides have been reported in the State.

Jui village(Raigad district) -- several houses have come under a massive landslide here. About 100-150 persons are feared buried under the debris. The rescue work is being carried out since 27/7/05 by about 100 Army personnel and 4 SAR (Search and Rescue) teams of the State. 24 dead bodies have been recovered so far. The removal of debris is likely to take another one week.

Kondivita (Raigad) -- During recent rains, about 4-5 houses had come under a heavy landslide where about 30 persons are feared trapped. Local administration is doing the debris removal work which may take another 1 or 2 days. 20 dead bodies have been recovered so far.

Sakinaka (Andheri East) -- 35 houses were buried under the landslide here during the recent rains. 90 dead bodies have been recovered so far. 10 more persons are feared to be trapped. Army and fire brigade personnel are engaged in rescue work for the last 2 days. The debris removal work is likely to take another 1 more days.

In Mahad Raigad district, 250 persons were evacuated to safer places in anticipation of a landslide. Immediately after evacuation, due to landslide, their houses (30-35 in number) were buried under debris. At another place in Mahad tehsil, 200 more persons have been evacuated to safer places fearing landslide.

Out of about 1200 buffaloes and 15,000 sheep and goats are estimated to have perished in these floods, all carcasses have been disposed off.

It is estimated that Kharif crops in 15 districts of about 2.25 lakh ha. have been destroyed by flooding. The cultivable land in this area has largely been rendered waste due to the top soil having been washed away.

The civic infrastructure in the region has been damaged badly. Roads, public buildings like Primary Health Centres, Schools and Administrative buildings and water supply schemes will require extensive repairs for their restoration.

About 800 medical teams consisting of 1 medical officer and 4 para-medical staff in each team have been sent to flood affected areas for providing medical assistance and taking prevention/control measures of any post-flood epidemic situation. 200 medical teams are operating in Mumbai suburban.

The State is organizing hygiene awareness campaign on cable/TV programmes and through press briefings for use of alum, boiling drinking water etc. by public.

The State has paid about Rs. 7 crore as ex gratia to 70,000 persons @ Rs.1000/- each so far.

09 Army columns are deployed in the flood affected districts for rescue and relief operations.

The Indian Navy personnel have returned to their Units.

04 coys of RAF and 03 teams (consisting of 45 men per team) of Disaster Management Battalions provided by the CRPF are placed with DG Police for rescue and relief operations in the State.

The State has suggested in its report to the Government of India that for reducing vulnerability in Mumbai city, the following measures will be required:

1. Mumbai needs to replace its drainage system which is more than 100 years old.

2. People living in huts in low lying areas are highly vulnerable in cases of excessive rains, floods and during cyclone warnings. It is necessary that these people are provided options for living in safer places by promoting social housing.

The Govt. of Maharashtra will submit a memorandum on the losses caused by the floods based on damage assessment and special needs of the city of Mumbai.

A visit by a Central team of flood affected areas in the State for assessment of Central assistance is likely to take place shortly after the receipt of the memorandum from the State.


Light to moderate rainfall has been reported in interior and coastal Karnataka.

Seven districts (Belgam, Bagalkot, Dharwad, Devangere, Gadag, Gulbarga and Coorg) are affected by floods. The flood situation in Belgam and Bagalkot is severe.

River Krishna and its tributaries and Bhima river have crossed their danger levels at many places in Belgam, Bijapur, Coorg and Gulbarga districts. 3.35 lakh cusecs of water inflow has been reported in river Krishna.

A flood alert has been sounded in the low lying areas on the banks of river Bhima in Gulbarga district. Around 175 villages may be affected due to release of flood water from Maharashtra into Bhima river.

83 villages in Belgam District and 25 villages in Bagalkot District have been marooned. If the flood situation continues fir next 24 hours then air dropping of food packets and relief material through helicopters may be required. The Relief Commissioner has requested to keep two IAF helicopters as standby at Air Force Base at Belgam.

In Belgam District, 4 talukas i.e. Athani, Chikodi, Raibag and Hukeri have been heavily affected. The rainfall has been more than double the average rainfall in Hukeri and Chikodi. Raibag and Athani have been seriously affected due to large release of water from Maharashtra into Krishna, Doodganga and Vedganga rivers. As a result the river banks have been swollen and river side houses have been inundated.

83 villages in Belgam District have been marooned.

4058 houses have been flooded. About 1457 families have been rescued and shifted to safer places. 50 Ganji Kendras have been established by the Belgam District Administration for relief operations. Food, Water and Health facilities have been provided to all the rehabilitated families.

13 boats (6 boats at Athani taluka, 2 boats at Raibag and 5 boats at Chikodi) have been pressed into service in Belgam District for rescue and relief operations in flood affected areas.

Loss of 12 lives (5 due to washing away in the river and 7 due to house collapse and lightening) in Belgam District have been reported.

State Govt. has handed over compensation of Rs.50000-00 each to the bereaved families.


Moderate to heavy rainfall has been reported during the last 24 hours over North and coastal Orissa due to low pressure.

River Brahmani at Jenapur Ex.way is flowing at 23.22 m against its danger level of 23 m with a falling trend.

Rivers Baitarni at Akhuapada is flowing at 18.63 m against its danger level of 17.83 m.

Bhadrak, Jajpur Sambhalpur and Kandhamal districts have been affected as per details given below:

Bhadrak district

Blocks affected: 4 (Dharmnagar, Bhandaripokhari, Chandbali & Tihidi)
GP affected: 60
Villages affected: 322
Population affected: 3.74 lakh
Cattle population affected: 8.00 lakh
Crop area affected: 75,780 ha.
Road communication disrupted: Bhadrak-Aradi road at Anandabazar, Pandarabatia.
Dobal-Sendhapur road at Dobal.
Bhadrak-Chandbali road at Nalgunda.

01 ODRAF Unit alongwith 6 Boats and equipment has been deployed at Dhamnagar, Bhadrak district for rescue and relief operations in flood affected areas.

Free Kitchen has been provided in two places i.e. at Dosinga (200 people) of Chandbali Block and at Geltua (120 people of Bhadrak Block).Q. 3131.82 rice of emergency relief has been sanctioned.

Jajpur district

Blocks affected: 8 (Dasarathpur, Jajpur, Korei, Bari, Binjharpur, Danagadi, Dharmasala and Rasulpur

GP affected: 123

Villages affected: 573

Population affected: 4.89 lakh

Cattle population affected: 70836

Human casualty: 1 due to wall collapse

Crop area affected: 67,164 ha.

Public properties damaged: 80

Houses damaged: 800 (Washed away -- 30, fully collapsed 300, party collapsed 370)

Breach occurred 21

70 boats have been deployed in Jajpur District for rescue and relief operations in flood affected areas.

620 families of Rasulpur and jajpur block have been evacuated and 7 temporary shelters established for relief operations.

Emergency relief for 3 days sanctioned

Sambalpur district

Blocks affected: 2 (Kuchinda and Redakhol)

Ward affected: 5 (Sambalpur Municipality)

No. of roads cut-off: 10

Free Kitchen Centre: 2

Beneficiary covered: 201

Kandhamal district

Blocks affected: 2 (Phulbani & Phiringia)

GP affected: 7 (Phulbani-3, Phiringi-4)

NAC affected: 1 (Phulbani NAC)

Villages affected: 27

No. of roads cut-off: 1

The State has alerted the district administration in Sambalpur, kandahamal, Jajpur and Bhadrak districts to keep in readiness to meet any eventuality.


Heavy to very heavy rainfall has been reported in the State during the last 24 hours.

Few low lying areas in Bilaspur and Raipur are inundated due to rain water.

Near Devbhog in Raipur district, one culvert is submerged resulting in traffic disruption.

No loss of life and property has been reported.

All rivers of the State are flowing below their danger levels.


River Brahamputra at Dibrugarh is flowing at 104.95 m as against the danger level of 104.24 m. with a steady trend.

Rivers Brahmaputra (at Neamatighat, and Dhubri) Puthimari (at Puthimari NTX) and Beki (at Beki NHX) are flowing above their warning levels.

The cumulative impact of the recent floods in Assam is given below :-

1. Districts affected - 15 (Karimganj, Tinsukia, Lakhimpur, Dibrugarh, Dhemaj, Jorhat, Morigaon, Kokrajhar, Nalbari, Goalpara, Sonitpur, Kamrup, Barpeta, Darang and Bogaingaon)

2. Villages affected - 449

3. Population affected- 3.66 lakh

4. Human lives lost - 13

5. Agricultural area affected - 0.71 lakh ha.

6. No. of houses damaged - 97

Overall flood situation in the State has improved substantially.

Restoration of breaches is being taken up by the State Govt.


Light rainfall has been reported in some parts of the State.

Rivers Ganga (at Kolgong/Kahalgaon), Ghaghra (at Darauli) Bagmati (at Benibad), Kosi (at Basua, Baltara & Kursela) are flowing above their warning levels.


Light to moderate rainfall has been reported in the State

Rivers Yamuna (at Mawi), Ghaghra (at Elgin Bridge, Ayodhya, Turtipar) and Gandak (at Khadda) are flowing above their warning levels.

Flood situation in the state is reported to be under control.


River Ganga at Farakka is flowing at 21.58 m as against the warning level of 21.25 m with a falling trend.

All other rivers in the state are flowing below their warning level.


River Godavari (at Bhadrachalam) is flowing at 44 ft above its warning level but much below its danger level of 53 ft with a falling trend.

River Godavari (at Iturnagar) Warangle district is also flowing above its warning level with a falling trend.


During the last 24 hours rainfall is recorded in 113 Talukas of 25 districts with 65 mm as maximum in Jamnagar taluka of Jamnagar district.

All rivers in the State are reported to be flowing below their danger levels.

Narmada Dam: against the HFL 110.64 m at dam site, the present water level is 112.63 m i.e., overflowing at 1.99 m.

Relief and restoration work is in progress in the State.

Power and water supply have been fully restored in the affected districts of the State.

Road communication has been restored in almost all affected areas barring 03 State roads on which the repair works are in progress. Moreover, repair and restoration work on two damaged bridges i.e. at Amreli and Limdi-Dhandhuka are also in progress.

The State Government has deployed 975 medical teams, 294 medical officers, and 2,227 para-medics to the affected districts in the State.

More than 200 technical teams are engaged for the disposal of carcasses. Services of Veterinary Colleges and Agricultural Universities are also taken. 14075 Carcasses have so far been disposed off.

The State Government has provided Tarpaulins to the affected families for temporary shelters. NDDB has provided 15000 sheets to Kheda district and 12000 sheets to Anand district. IPCL has provided 6325 sheets to Vadodara and 3000 sheets to Ahmedabad district.

State Civil supplies Corporation has also distributed 1,27,980 ration kits (each containing 7.5 kg rice, 2.5 kg dal, chillies & turmeric powder, salt, candles and matchbox) to the affected families. Moreover, 13,50,838 food packets, 12.36 lakh water bottles and pouches were also distributed in the affected areas.

Total financial assistance of Rs.69.82 crores including houses assistance has been paid to the affected families.

During the monsoon season, total 213 persons have died due to drowning, collapse of house walls and lightning, while 11 persons are reported missing.

Death relief has been paid in 145 cases so far.

Disbursement of financial assistance has been done as per following details

Details / Persons/families/houses / Amount paid (Rs. in crore)

Cash doles / 20, 38,917 persons / 18.99

Household kits / 2, 65,358 families / 27.37

Damaged/partially damaged house Assistance / 72,725 houses / 22.70


The situation in the States/UTs of: (1) Arunachal Pradesh (2) Goa (3) Haryana (4) Himachal Pradesh (5) Jammu & Kashmir, (6) Jharkhand, (7) Kerala, (8) Madhya Pradesh (9) Meghalaya, (10) Mizoram, (11) Manipur, (12) Nagaland, (13) Punjab, (14) Rajasthan, (15) Sikkim (16) Tamil Nadu, (17) Tripura, (18) Uttranchal (19) Andaman & Nicobar Islands, (20) Chandigarh, (21) Daman & Diu, (22) Dadra Nagar Haveli, (23) Delhi (24) Pondicherry and (25) Lakshadweep is reported to be normal.

(Ashim Khurana)
Joint Secretary (DM)


1. Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister (Shri T K A Nair)

2. Cabinet Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Rashtrapati Bhawan.

3. Private Secretary to the Prime Minister (Shri BVR Subrahmanyam).

4. Prime Minister's Office (Shri Sanjay Mitra, Joint Secretary).

5. Cabinet Secretariat (Shri Shatrughana Singh, Joint Secretary).

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