India: South West Monsoon 2005 - Flood Situation Report 3 Jul 2005

A comprehensive status report on the flood situation in different parts of the country is given below:-

As per IMD’s latest report, the upper air cyclonic circulation in middle troposphere (2-5 km) over Gujarat is becoming less marked. However, southwest monsoon continues to be active to vigorous over Gujarat region. In view of this moderate rainfall is still likely over many parts of Gujarat region with isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall in some districts over south Gujarat region during the next 24 hours. A further reduction in rainfall activity is likely during subsequent days.

The depression over northeast Madhya Pradesh and adjoining Uttar Pradesh remained practically stationary with centre near Khajuraho this morning. It is now likely to move in a northwesterly direction. Under its influence isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall is likely over Madhya Pradesh during the next 24 hours. This rain belt may subsequently extend northwards to parts of west Uttar Pradesh.

There was significant rainfall in Umaria(39cm), Satna (19cm), Sagar (12cm), Khajuraho (7cm), and Jabalpur(6cm) in Madhya Pradesh.


Rainfall situation :

r. Average rainfall of the State -- 863 mm

s. Cumulative average rainfall -- 607 mm out of 863 mm (68% of the average) as on 0900 hrs. on 03.07.2005

t. Number of Taluka received more than 100 mm rainfall in last 24 hrs : 29

u. Districts in which heavy rainfall reported during last 24 hrs :

1. Surendranagar (Saurashtra region)

2. Amreli (Saurashtra region)

3. Sabarkantha (North Gujarat)

4. Mehsana (North Gujarat)

5. Valsad (South Gujarat)

6. Surat (South Gujarat)

7. Navsari (South Gujarat)

8. The Dangs (South Gujarat)

v. No. of affected districts : 20 out of 25

1. Surat, 2. Valsad 3. Navsari 4. Bharuch 5. Vadodara 6. Surendranagar 7. The Dangs 8. Ahmedabad 9. Anand 10. Kheda 11. Amreli 12 Bhavnagar 13 Junagadh 14. Rajkot 15. Narmada 16. Jamnagar 17. Gandhinagar 18. Sabarkantha, 19. Mehsana, 20 Panchmahal

w. No. and Names of the severely affected districts : 10 out of 20 affected

A) Severely affected : 1.Kheda (2000 villages) 2.Anand, 3. Nadiad, 4.Vadodara

B) Less severely Affected : 1.Valsad 2.Navsari 3.Bharuch, 4.Surat, 5.Ahmedabad Rural 6.Surendranagar

x. No. of Talukas affected : 117

y. No. of severely affected villages : 8000-10000

z. No. and Names of the severely affected cities : 11

1.Vadodara, 2.Nadiad, 3.Ahmedabad 4.Navsari, 5.Surat,

6.Limbdi, 7.Dakor, 8.Anand, 9.Kheda, 10.Petlad, 11.Borsad.

Rivers flowing at danger levels : 2

3. 1.Shedhi, and 2. Vatrak in Kheda district.

4. Water level in Vishwamitri river in Vadodara district is receding

Position of Dams :

5. Thole lake in Kadi- present water level -13.5 ft. against the danger level of 14.00 ft.

6. Pratappura (Vadodara) -- 1.5 ft. above ground water level. (position stable)

Status of water level in dams : 64

7. Dams on high alert : 41

8. Dams on alert : 10

9. Dams on warning level : 13

No. of Deaths reported : 124 (due to drowning, collapse of house walls and lightening, etc.)

Population evacuated : 2.33 lakh : Vadodara (50869) Bharuch (36218),

Surat (33727), Anand (32694), Kheda (28941), Navsari (25096), Amreli (11525)

(4 to 5 lakh affected persons have been sheltered by communities and NGOs)

Power Supply

11. No. of Villages affected - 5073; No. of Towns affected -- 54

12. Power Supply restored -- 3953 villages and 45 towns

13. Power supply still disrupted -- 1120 villages and 09 towns

14. No. Feeders still affected : 394 out of 1695

15. No. of distribution of Transformers still affected 403 out of 884

Road & Bridges

11. Traffic on Express Highway has started in a limited way in the evening of 2.7.2005.

12. NH- 8 has also become operation for selected vehicles on 2.7.2005

13. No. of State Roads still affected 175 out of 236

14. No. of Panchayats roads still affected 937 out of 1239

15. No. of Bridges affected : one -- Raidi (Amreli) -- Restoration work is going on

Rescue & Relief :

1. 9 Army columns deployed

Army deployment (700 personnel & 56 boats)

Sr. No.
12 (Army) 21 (CRPF) = 33

2. 8 helicopters provided by Air Force -- 4 in Ahmedabad, 4 in Vadodara for relief and rescue operations

Utilization of Air Force helicopters on 03.07.2005

One sortie of helicopter dropped food packets at Matar and Kheda.

One more sortie accompanied by Collector and DDO from Nadia dropped food packets.

One sortie of helicopter from Ahmedabad has gone to rescue people at Moti Baro and Vataman where one family was trapped in Maruti.

One sortie of helicopter from Vadodara dropped food packets around Jambusar (Bharuch).

3. CRPF deployment :

i. 90 CRPF personnel deployed at Nadiad

ii. 80 CRPF personnel deployed at Kheda rural

iii. 126 CRPF personnel deployed in Dholka Taluka in Ahmedabad rural

iv. 333 CRPF personnel deployed at Raghubara

v. 117 CRPF personnel have been based at the disposal of ADG (Law & Order) for collecting and carrying of relief material.

4. 20MT of Bleaching Powder has reached Ahmedabad from Chennai.

5. State Government has made preparation to provide 4 lakh ready to eat food packets all the affected population. More than 40,000 family kits are being prepared.

Review Meeting taken by Secretary (Border Management):

The Secretary (BM) reviewed the flood situation in Gujarat with all the concerned Ministries / Departments in the meeting held on 3rd July, 2005 at 1230 hrs. The gist of discussions and action taken by the Government of India are at Annexure.


The floods have receded in all the three districts viz. Bhadrak, Jajpur and Kendrapada.

The situation is under control.


Water level in Chenab is receding.

Restoration work of embankment protection wall on 2 banks of Chenab is in progress. State Government has sanctioned Rs. 1.00 crore for this.

Over all situation in the State is under control.


Various parts of Madhya Pradesh have received moderate to heavy rainfall in the last 24 hrs.

In Katni, flood water has entered several low lying areas in the town. Stranded people are being evacuated. Army has been called in from Sagar district and is expected to reach in 7 -- 8 hrs. (2300 hrs.) No loss of life has been reported. Situation in all other parts of the district is normal.

In Satna, 20 villages are severely affected. 11 villages have been completely evacuated. Flood water has entered some low lying areas of Satna town. People have been evacuated to safer place. Relief camps have been opened. A contingent of army unit called in from Sagar district will be deployed in Satna.

Flood water is also reported to have entered some low lying areas in Nagod town, located at the distance of above 40 kms. from the district Headquarter. People from affected localities have been shifted to relief camps. No loss of life has been reported.

In Rewa, flood water has entered several low lying areas in the town. 13 relief camps have been opened. People from affected areas have moved to either relief camps or to some other safer places. Water system of the town has been disrupted due to flood. Situation in other parts of the district is normal. No loss of life has been reported.

In Panna, excessive rains have caused some problem in some parts of the district. Road traffic between Panna and Damoh and Panna and Katni has been disrupted. Situation in 3 villages namely Nargi, Jhilmila and Simaria Gulabsingh is reported to be somewhat grim. District administration is engaged in relief and rescue operations.

Situation in other parts of the State is normal.


Light to moderate rainfall has been reported.

No flash flood /flood reported.

The situation is under control.


Moderate rainfall has been reported throughout the State except few places where heavy downpour has been reported.

Bhagirathi river in Uttarkashi is flowing at 111.9 mtrs. against its danger level of 112.3 mtrs.

No landslide has been reported.

Situation is under control and constant watch


There is heavy rainfall and cloud burst since last few days. Few places in remote areas of East, South and West district of Sikkim are cut off due to landslides.

34 houses in East, South and West district have been declared unsafe/endangered. The inhabitants in these houses have been evacuated to safer places.


There was heavy rainfall yesterday.

Isolated cases of landslide reported at Kohima

No casualty has been reported form any part of the State.

The situation is under control.


The cumulative rainfall received till 3rd July, 2005 (0830 hrs) is 139.3cms.

The people in low lying areas of Daman district which may be affected due to river water coupled with tidal water during high tide have been alerted.

The over all situation is under control.


Water level in Madhuban dam is normal.

The water level in river Damanganga is receding.

The situation is normal.


The situation in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Goa, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, and in the UTs of Lakshdweep and Pondicherry is reported to be normal.

( Ashim Khurana )
Joint Secretary (DM)


5. Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister.

6. Private Secretary to the Prime Minister (Shri BVR Subrahmanyam).

7. Prime Minister’s Office (Shri Sanjay Mitra, Joint Secretary).

8. Cabinet Secretariat (Shri Shatrughana Singh, Joint Secretary).

Copy to:-

3. PS to HM/PS to MOSI.

4. PS to HS/PPS to Secretary (BM)/JS (DM)/Director (PR)/DS(NDM.I)/IOC, MHA/Master Folder.


Gist of discussions in the meeting taken by the Secretary (BM) on 3rd July, 2005 at 1230 hrs. to review the flood situation in Gujarat and action taken by the Government of India

xv) The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare reported that 20 MT of bleaching powder has been air lifted by Air Force and has reached Ahmedabad and Vadodara in the evening of 2.7.2005. It was informed that chlorination of water at the community level was being done by use of bleaching powder and at the household level by use of chlorine tablets. The State Government has sent their requirement of 30 medicines to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to replenish the utilized stock of drugs and to maintain a fair reasonable stock/balance at the district level to meet the requirements arising out of risk of water borne and vector borne diseases. It was informed that the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare are examining the requisition of the State Government and would arrange supply of the required quantity in consultation with the State Government. The State Government is also working out their requirement of anti Malarial drugs like Chloroquine 150 mg. tablet, Primaquine, Quinine Sulphate, Quinine Sulphate Injectables and the request for supply of these drugs will be submitted separately. The Ministry of Health reported that they have already initiated the process for assessing the requirements of anti malarial drugs and the National Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme would be procuring and supplying the drugs as per requirements of the State Government.

xvi) A Team of Experts from Central Water Commission has reached Vadodara for making an on the assessment of the affected dams and to give technical advice. The Team has inspected Pratapura dam which had developed a 30 ft. breach. As reported by CWC, there has been no further widening in the breach and measures for repairing /plugging the existing breach has been suggested by the Team. The State Government is required to take appropriate measures as suggested by the Team. Report of the Team in respect of other affected dams will follow.

xvii) Ministry of Defence reported that Army has air lifted 80 boats of which 56 boats have been deployed at Kheda (33), Vadodara(12), Anand(09) and Ahmedabad(02) by the State Government for rescue and relief operations. State Government indicated that additional boats are not required for the present. It was noted that the boats provided by army cannot be operated in shallow water and needs relocation in the areas of their deployment as water level recedes. The State Government has to make a movement and deployment plan accordingly as per their requirements. 9 Army columns deployed are continuing relief and rescue operations and 7 columns are kept as reserve. It was informed that adequate provision of food packets and drinking water was not being made available to Air Force for lifting and airdropping. Sorties by Air Force Helicopters were being made with less than their capacities. State Government should ensure that sufficient quantum of food packets/materials are made available to Air Force for airdropping in the marooned areas. It was indicated that army and para-military forces could assist the State Government in distribution of medicines and disinfectants, if required by the State Government.

xviii) As per IMD report the depression over north west Madhya Pradesh is likely to cause heavy to very heavy rainfall in south Gujarat area for the next 24 hrs. Thereafter, a gradual reduction in rainfall activity is expected. It was also mentioned by IMD that another depression is developing in the Bay of Bengal, which may bring heavy to very heavy rainfall in some parts of Gujarat after 4-5 days. State Government is, therefore, required to speed up the relief operations.

xix) The situation with regard to air traffic has become normal and all flights are operating normally from the Ahmedabad and Vadodara Airports in the State.

xx) The Ministry of Agriculture will send their team to assess the damage to crops. A Team from the National Seeds Corporation of India will be visiting the State from the 4th July, 2005 to assess the seed requirements arising out of loss of crops due to floods.

xxi) There is sufficient stock of POL in the State and additional requirement of Kerosene is being worked out by the State Government. The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas will ensure release of additional requirements of Kerosene in the State.

xxii) Repair/ restoration of telephone exchanges is in progress. As on date out of equipped capacity of 37.15 lakhs, 1.51 lakhs have been affected due to floods. A capacity of 31358 have already been restored. However, 1.20 lakhs approx. are yet to be fully restored. As reported by BSNL technical manpower and necessary equipment have been mobilized for undertaking repair/restoration of the affected telephone exchanges as soon as water recedes.

xxiii) The Ministry of Railways reported that western link connecting Mumbai-Delhi has become fully operational and there is no diversion of trains. Vadodara-Mumbai route is also operational from 2.7.2005 (evening). Link between Ahmedabad-Vadodara has several breaches and repair/restoration at the affected sites is in progress where water levels have receded. All passengers who had been shifted to Anand railway station have left for their destination by special buses arranged by Ministry of Railways and Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation. As on 3.7.2005, there were no reports of passengers stranded in any of the railway stations.

xxiv) CRPF reported that 629 personnel are deployed in the State for assisting the State Government at Raghubara (333), Nadiad (90), Kheda(80), Dholka Taluka (126 ) in Ahmedabad rural. In addition 117 CRPF personnel have been placed at the disposal of ADG (Law & Order) for collecting and distributing relief material.

xxv) The National Highway Authority of India reported that one way of the Ahmedabad - Vadodara Expressway has been opened for traffic from the evening of 2nd July, 2005. Both side of the express ways are likely to be opened by the evening of 3rd July, 2005. There are two locations one at KM 77 and another near Shedhi river where only one way would be operational. The State Government has to ensure traffic regulation and provide police assistance for smooth traffic movement as there is likely to be heavy congestion of traffic.

xxvi) The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways reported that NH 6, NH 8, NH 8E and NH 59 were affected. Traffic has resumed on all these National Highways except in NH 59. The repair/restoration work in NH 59 is in progress and is likely to be completed by today evening. Additional funds will be required for major repairs and the assessment is being made.

xxvii) As per Central Water Commission the trend at Madhuban dam in the river Damanganga, which was reported rising yesterday has now started receding. No other rivers in the Surat division and Ahmedabad division are flowing above their warning levels.

xxviii) The State Government has requested for 25,000 tents. The Ministry of Defence would assess the availability of tents with them which can be spared for the State of Gujarat. It was noted that a large number of tents were provided by army and Central Para Military Forces to A &N Islands during Tsunami disaster of December 26, 2004 and to J&K during avalanches in February 2005. These tents have not been returned nor replaced and the procurement is under process. It was, therefore, suggested that heavy duty polythene sheets and tarpaulins may be procured by the State Government as per laid down procedures.