India: South West Monsoon 2005 - Flood Situation Report 20 Sep 2005

Situation Report
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A comprehensive status report on the flood situation in different parts of the country is given below:

Morning's deep depression near Jagdalpur has moved slightly westwards and lies centered today afternoon at 1430 hours IST near Latitude 19.0 degree North Longitude 81.5 degree East near about 50 km west of Jagdalpur. This system is likely to move in west-northwesterly direction. Under its influence, widespread rainfall with heavy to very heavy falls at a few places is likely over Andhra Pradesh, Coastal and North Interior Karnataka, South Chhattisgarh, Vidarbha and Marathawada during next 24 hours. Isolated heavy rainfall is also likely over Konkan, Goa, Madhya Maharashtra and South Gujarat.

Convective clouds are seen over Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, South Maharashtra and northeastern States.

There is likelihood of increase in rainfall activities over Maharashtra, south Gujarat and South Madhya Pradesh and decrease in rainfall activity over Andhra Pradesh.

Forecast valid upto 1430 hrs IST 23rd September 2005


Rain/thundershowers are likely over Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttaranchal with mainly dry weather in the rest of the region.


Rain/thundershowers are likely at many places over northeastern States, south Madhya Pradesh, south Chhattisgarh and at a few places in the rest of the region. Rainfall is likely to increase over East Madhya Pradesh after 24 hours.


Rain/thundershowers are likely at most places over Andhra Pradesh, Coastal and North Interior Karnataka, at many places over Andaman Islands, South interior Karnataka, Kerala and at a few places over the rest of the region. There is likelihood of reduction of rainfall in coastal Andhra Pradesh after next 24 hours.


Rain/thundershowers are likely at most places over Konkan, Goa, at many places over the rest of Maharashtra and at a few places over the rest of the region out side West Rajasthan where it may be isolated. Further increase in rainfall activity over south Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat Region and Maharashtra are expected after 24 hours.


1. Heavy to very heavy rainfall is likely at a few places over Telangana, Coastal and North interior Karnataka, Vidarbha and Marathawada. Isolated heavy rainfall is also likely over the rest of Maharashtra, coastal Andhra Pradesh, Rayalseema and North interior Karnataka.

2. Squally wind with speed reaching 30-40 kmph is likely over Vidarbha, Andhra Pradesh and South Chhattisgarh during next 24 hours.

3. Squally winds with speed reaching 35-40 kmph are still likely along and off north Andhra Coast during next 12 hours. The state of sea will be rough and fishermen have been advised not to venture into the sea for another 12 hours.


According to the Central Water Commission (CWC) report dated 20th September, 2005, there are no unprecedented or high flood sites. However, there are 02 moderate and 11 low flood situation sites.

The details of moderate flood sites are as under:

Moderate flood sites

- River Godavari at Kunavaram (Andhra Pradesh) is flowing at 40.70 m against the danger level of 39.24 m with a rising trend.

- River Brahmaputra at Dibrugarh (Assam) is flowing at 104.38 m against the danger level of 104.24 m with a steady trend.

Note: Since the flood situation in most parts of the country has improved, the report is being restricted in its content to cover only those States which are presently facing fresh floods or an immediate post - flood situation.


The intensity of rainfall in coastal Andhra Pradesh has gradually reduced. However widespread rains have been reported in several parts of Telangana region.

The cyclonic storm has weakened into deep depression at 0230 hours today and has moved westwards and is centered 50 km west of Jagdalpur.

River Godavari at Bhadrachalam is flowing at 49.32 m as against the danger level of 48.77 m and at Kunavaram it is flowing at 42.24 m as against the danger level of 39.24 m.

River Godavari are flowing above its warning levels at 05 places in the State.

River Godavari is receiving excessive water flow from river Indravati from Chhattisgarh and rivers Sabari and Seluri from Orissa. As a result, the water level in river Godavari is constantly rising and it has now crossed the danger level at Bhadrachalam also, in addition to Kunavaram where the water level was already above danger mark.

A number of villages have been affected and several of them are marooned. The broad details are as under:

Name of district
No. of villages Affected
No of villages marooned
East Godavari
West Godavari

About 36,000 people have been evacuated to safer places from the affected villages and accommodated in 145 relief camps (Khammam-45, East Godavari - 30 and West Godavari - 70).

In the affected districts, many tanks (water reservoirs) have developed breaches as a result of which the nearby villages are threatened.

In Khammam district, 04 human lives have reportedly been lost.

In this district, about 10,000 cattle (mainly sheep) have reportedly been washed away by rising flood waters in river Godavari and its tributaries.

Road and Rail communication in Khammam district have been affected due to submergence of road and railway tracks at several places. Trains passing through this district have reportedly been cancelled/diverted.

In Jangareddygudam mandal of West Godavari district, 10 people are reportedly marooned and have taken shelter on a tree top. The district administration is making efforts to rescue them by deploying a boat and some swimmers.

01 MI-17 and 02 Chetak helicopters have been provided by the Indian Air Force and are placed at Hyderabad. However, these helicopters could not carry out any sorties today because of bad weather conditions.


The overall rainfall and flood situation in Orissa has improved.

River Mahanadi, Rushikuluya and Vamsadhara are flowing above their warning levels at 03 places in the State.

There was heavy rainfall in southern parts of the State mainly in Malkangiri district where the rainfall has reportedly been very heavy.

The tributaries of the Godavari river i.e. river Saberi and Sileru are in spate.

In all, 07 villages in Malkangiri district have reportedly been affected. About 600 persons have been evacuated from the worst affected Motu village.

A total of 11,000 persons who were evacuated to safer places yesterday, have now started returning to their homes.

12 fishermen are reported missing.


The deep depression has moved westwards and is now centered 50 km west of Jagdalpur. High speed winds (70-80 kmph) are blowing in southern Chhattisgarh.

03 districts - Dantewara, Bastar and Kanker - have received heavy to very heavy rainfall during the last 24 hours.

River Indravati in Bastar district is rising because of heavy rainfall in its catchment area, although it is still flowing below danger mark.

River Sabari in Dantewara district is in spate and overflowing its banks at several places. It has inundated 05 villages in Vijayapur and Konta sub-divisions.

About 3,000 people have been evacuated from these villages and accommodated in 03 relief camps. Food packets are being distributed to the people accommodated in these relief camps.

Road communication at several places in the district has been affected.


The sky continues to be overcast in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.

As a result of the deep depression moving in West -northwesterly direction, heavy rainfall is expected in Vidarbha and Marathawada region of the State within next 24 hours.

Nagpur/Gondia/ Bhandara/Chandrapur/Gadchiroli districts

The overall flood situation in the above districts has improved considerably.

184 Medical teams comprising of 01 doctor and para-medical staff have been deployed in the above districts as per details given below:

Nagpur rural 13

Nagpur Corporation 18

Bhandara 44

Gondia 73

Chandrapur 34

Gadchiroli 02

About 3,900 people from Gondia, Bhandara, Chandrapur and Gadchiroli are still staying in 65 relief camps in the above districts.


Light rainfall has been recorded in some parts of the State during last 24 hours.

The flood situation in district Balaghat has become normal.

About 3,800 families (total 17,000 people) continue to stay in 54 relief camps in Lanji and Kirnapur tehsils. These relief camps are likely to be run for at least another week.


The situation in the States/UTs of: (1) Arunachal Pradesh (2) Assam (3) Bihar (4) Goa (5) Gujarat (6) Haryana (7) Himachal Pradesh (8) Jammu & Kashmir, (9) Jharkhand, (10) Karanataka (11) Kerala, (12) Manipur (13) Meghalaya, (14) Mizoram (15) Nagaland, (16) Punjab, (17) Rajasthan, (18) Sikkim (19) Tamil Nadu, (20) Tripura, (21) Uttaranchal (22) Uttar Pradesh (23) West Bengal (24) Andaman & Nicobar Islands, (25) Chandigarh, (26) Daman & Diu, (27) Dadra Nagar Haveli, (28) Delhi (29) Pondicherry and (30) Lakshadweep is reported to be normal.