India – Severe Weather Update (IMD, ASDMA, WMO, Governmental & Local Media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 27 September 2016)

  • Heavy rain has continued to affect several parts of the country, causing more floods. Approx. 68 mm of rain in 24 h were recorded in Sholapur (Maharashtra state) over 24-25 September.

  • Local media, as of 27 September early morning (UTC), reported that the death toll due to the recent floods in the state of Telangana has reached 11 people and over 1,000 have been evacuated in several districts of the state. Local authorities also reported, as of the same date, that over 900 people have been evacuated in Assam state.

  • Over the next 24 h locally heavy rain may continue to affect the southern, mid-eastern and north-eastern areas of the country, including the ones already affected.