India: Second phase relief moving forward, World Vision prepares for rehab

World Vision moved to its second phase relief distribution in the flood ravaged district of Dhemaji, Assam. On the first day of distribution, 930 families of 22 villages received relief materials, including rice and lentils.
World Vision launched its first major food distribution in Dhemaji, on 31st July 2003. Food items distributed were flat rice (Chira) and sugar to 20,000 people and powdered rice (Hando) to 3,000 minors.

World Vision's Assam Flood Relief Project 2003, plans to extend its relief operation and distribute food to 3,699 families, covering a population of 21,817 people, residing in 78 villages. Each family will receive 50 kilograms of rice and 4 kilograms of lentils.

In coordination with the government and other aid agencies like the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), World Vision carried out the first phase relief operations in the six gram panchayats of Dhemaji district - Namuni, Amguri, Borlung, Moidhoa, Kulajann and Ujoni.

In an effort to combat post flood diseases, safe drinking water will be provided to 950 people through installation of 19 tube wells. Health checkups were conducted and medicines supplied to 1,431 people mostly suffering from water borne diseases, malaria and diarrhoea.

Animal health camps were also conducted, where a total of 7,779 cattle were vaccinated or treated for anorexia, diarrhoea, dysentery, debility and pyrexia.

This year, Assam has been affected by floods that have damaged crops over 125,000 hectares. Under the threat of poverty, most farmers cannot afford alternative seedlings. "As part of the rehab process, we propose to provide seeds to 10,000 families, a supply that will cost USD 110,000," recommended Operations Manager in-charge of Relief Pradip Kumar Logun.

The second phase relief operation will cover 6 gram panchayats of Jiadhol, Ghuguha, Ajuha, Batghoria, Bengenagora and Dokhin Dhemaji, under Dhemaji Circle, which includes food items for 3,839 families, safe drinking water through installation of 130 tube wells and 1000 mosquito repellent ( Medicated ) bed nets.

World Vision Australia and Singapore have made funds of 100,000 USD and 9,383 USD respectively, available to the Assam Relief Project 2003.