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January 5, 2005 - India Partners was in a unique position when the tsunami hit -- they already had partner organization offices along the southeast coast of India and were able to respond immediately, not wait for emergency supplies or people to arrive. For the past 10 days the relief teams, made up of local Indian people, have been purchasing supplies in the nearby larger cities and have been delivering aid to the 100 seaside villages in the area. Yesterday alone in the village of Kanuru, India Partners' humanitarian workers distributed rice, blankets and clothing for 1,000 victims of the tsunami.

"Working village by village, our relief and medical teams are able to meet the needs of the thousands of people in the villages. But because people cannot go to the sea to fish -- because their nets and boats were destroyed -- the need for help just to survive will continue for months, even years to come," says Brent Hample, Executive Director.

Besides providing the ability to immediately distribute life-saving supplies, purchasing supplies in India is much more economical than shipping them from the United States. For example, a 1 kg. bag of rice can be purchased for 12 rupees, or 26 cents. If bought in the States, it could cost over a dollar.

"Every day I receive updates from our local partners, telling heart-wrenching stories of the people they are helping and also asking authorization to purchase more life-saving supplies. We've been helping the people of India for 20 years and are thankful we were already in position and were able to respond so quickly when this horrific disaster occurred," says Hample.

India Partners has received $43,700 in donations for emergency aid which includes $15,000 committed by Northwest Medical Teams; the goal is at least $100,000.

Since the disaster hit, India Partners has distributed rice, cooking oil and firewood, blankets, cooking utensils and clothes to thousands of people in the Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu regions, as well as providing medical assistance to the sick and injured.

Revised figures from CNN report 9,675 dead in India, with 6,107 missing (1/5/05), making this the 3rd hardest hit country in Asia.

To help India Partners provide an emergency response in India, here's how to donate:
By internet: <> , click on "give"
By phone: toll free: 1-888-870-9085, local: 541-683-0696
By mail: India Partners, Tsunami Relief, PO Box 5470, Eugene, OR 97405