India: Monsoon Flash Floods (MDRIN012) DREF final report

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Summary: Heavy rainfall in northern India during June 2013 resulted in flash floods in the state of Uttarakhand. The floods affrected an estimated 500,000 people living in villages across the western and central part of the state. Rail and road transport was badly affected in the state. Given the hilly terrain it makes accessibility difficult for carrying out relief operations. Livelihoods were badly impacted in affected villages and connectivity of these villages with the outside was a major problem, requiring development of plans and strategies for medium and long-term support for recovery of livelihoods and services, and rehabilitation of infrastructure.

In response, the Government of India allocated INR 75 billion (approx. CHF 1.1 billion) for both recovery and rehabilitation. Complimentary to the government action, CHF 479,715 was allocated from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent’s (IFRC) Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 23 June 2013 to support Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) in delivering immediate assistance to some 5,000 families (25,000 beneficiaries).

IRCS, with the support from IFRC, has carried out the floods response and relief operation in Uttarakashi,
Pithoragarh, Chamoli, Rudraprayag and Bhageswar districts which were severely affected by the flash floods. Relief materials (i.e. blanket, tarpaulin, tent, kitchen set, stove, water bucket, bed sheet, saree, dhoti, towel, dari/mat, kerosene lamp, mosquito net) have been distributed to the most affected 4,827 families. To meet the safe drinking water needs of the affected families, six water treatment units were installed in three districts.

All IRCS activities in the DREF operation have been completed within the timeframe and this operation is now closed. This DREF has been fully replenished with generous contribution from donors. Of the total DREF amount, CHF 446,011 was utilized. The balance of CHF 33,704 will be returned to the DREF pot.

Partners who have contributed to this DREF operation include Belgian Red Cross/Flanders/Belgian government, Canadian Red Cross/Canadian government, Japanese Red Cross Society, Netherlands Red Cross/SEF, Spanish Red Cross/Govt AECID, DG ECHO as well as allocation from Tsunami Residual Fund. IFRC, on behalf of IRCS, would like to thank all donors for supporting the replenishment of this DREF.