India: Monsoon 2009: Current status


Ministry of Earth Sciences
India Meteorological Department

Seasonal Rainfall Scenario (1 June to 30 September)

The cumulative seasonal rainfall for the country as a whole is now 23% below the Long Period Average (LPA). Comparing the seasonal rainfall during 2009 with that in previous years, it is the most deficient year after 1972. During 1972, the seasonal rainfall was 24% below the LPA for the country as a whole.

Rainfall distribution of country as a whole and all the four broad homogeneous regions during 2009 are shown in Table 1.

The sub-divisionwise cumulative seasonal rainfall distribution as on 30 September 2009 is shown in Fig.1. Out of 36 meteorological sub-divisions, the cumulative seasonal rainfall was excess in 3, normal in 10 and deficient in 23 sub-divisions. Considering district-wise rainfall during the period of 1 June to 30 September 2009, the rainfall was excess in 9%, normal in 32%, deficient in 51% and scanty in 8% of total districts of the country.

Progressive cumulative rainfall departure from LPA during monsoon season 2009 for the country as a whole and over four b