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India - Locust Attacks (ECHO Daily Flash of 25 May 2020)

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  • 3 Indian States of Madhya Pradesh (MP), Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh (UP) are currently dealing with locusts attack. This is the second round of locust attack in India after the December-February period.

  • As per media reports, 17 districts of UP, 16 districts of Rajasthan and 12 districts of MP have been affected, with the standing crops having been destroyed. In Rajasthan, during the past weeks, small swarms of desert locusts, had already arrived from Pakistan, moving east into Rajasthan, and reaching Jodhpur.

  • Agricultural departments of the affected states are launching initiatives to deal with the crisis.

  • Locusts attacks in India usually last until November but this year the swarms stayed until February which scientists believe was due to the climate crisis.

  • India has proposed a trilateral response in partnership with Pakistan and Iran to combat the desert locust wave sweeping across the Afro-Asian region.