India: Konkan region Maharashtra state floods situation report 2 Aug 2005


The flood situation in Maharashtra caused due to heavy rains since July 24 has effected the coastal districts in Maharashtra: Mumbai Metropolis, Thane, Ratnagiri (Mandangad, Dapoli, Chiplun, Ratnagiri,

Guhagar, Sangameshwar, Lanja and Rajapur) talukas) , Raigad (Panvel, Pen, Khalapur, Karjat, Alibag, Murud, Roha, Sudhagad, Tala, Mangaon, Shrivardhan, Mhasla and Poladpur talukas) and Pune (Maval, Khed, Velhe and Daund talukas), Sindhudrug(Kudal, Kankavali, Deograh, Vengural, sawantawadi, Malawan, Vaibabhawadi, Doamarg Taluka), Parbhani, Nanded and Hingoli ) in Goa: North and South Goa districts.

Significant rainfall recorded in Maharashtra and Konkan & Goa region (cm )

Maharashtra: Ratnagiri, Alibagh, Mumbai (santa cruz) 15 each, bihra -14, Harnai-10, Mumbai-Colaba-9, Pune -6, Nasik and Kolhapur -- 5 each


Enhanced Heavy rainfall to occur at few places with isolated very heavy fall in South -West & East Madhya Pradesh and during next 48hrs heavy rain also likely to occur at isolated places of Chattishgarh and in rest of West-East Vidarbha and W-E Madhya Pradesh region during same period.

Rest of India

Madhya Pradesh With heavy rains continuing to overcast western Madhya Pradesh western districts Shajapur (57mm), Mandour(59mm), Sehore(53 mm) and Ujjain(57) Indore (160 mm) The low lying areas along the banks of river Narmada at Indore have been flooded have been affected .

Orissa districts of Jajpur, Bhadrak and Kendrapada that were affected in the first wave experience the flash floods but this time even and Jajpur bore the burnt of the floods as large areas was under water due to overtopping of rivers at several places and breaches in the embankments. 2 deaths each have been reported from Jajpur and Kendrapada district and with not much rains in the past 12 hours, situation is improving. All the major rivers in Jajpur are receding but the situation remains grim in Jajpur and Bhadrak. The flood threat looms large in the districts along the Mahanadi riverbank as large cusecs of water are being released the Hirakud reservoir. As per weather forecast released by IMD today, a cyclonic circulation formed over North Bay of Bengal might result in a low-pressure area and cause isolated rainfall over different parts of the state.


The Flood Situation in Belgaum, Bagalkot, Gulbarga and Bijapur Districts has worsened due to Rise in Krishna River Following Heavy Inflow from Koyna and Ujani Reservoirs in Maharashtra has affected Belgaum (Athani, Raibag, and Chikkodi), Bagalkot (Jamakhandi), Gulbarga (Afzalpur, Jewargi, Chittapur, Shahpur and Yadgir), Bijapur (B.Bagewadi, Muddebihal & Sindgi)

Position of Dams

River Wainganga at Bhandara is flowing at warning level and Due to release of 60,000 cusec excess water from Koyna Dam into Koyna River, has affected downstream villages in Sangli, Kolhapur and Satara districts. The dam gates of Yeswantsagar in Indore were opened as the water level had reached the danger level. The Dams in Maharashtra have reached warning level are Koyana , Kopergaon Pauni, Jaikwadi the dam authorities have opened the gates to let excess water flow into neighbouring dams in Karnataka state. The dams are Alamati dam in Bijapur district, River Bhima at Deongaon, Narayanpur, Gulbargar district and excess overflow is being let into Priyadarshini Jurala Project Mehboobnagar and Srisailam Dam in Kurnool district Andhra Pradesh



The loss of human lives stand at 942 [Mumbai( 409), Thane (202), Ratnagiri( 15) sindhudurga ( 6), Kholapur( 8), Babhani( 3), Navi Mumbai (53), Raigad( 98), Nanded(8), Yavatmal( 7) ,Parbhani (3) Pune(11) Mumbai (railway 11) Satara (3) Aurangabad(2), Beed (4), Jalana( 1), Hingoli(1), Wardha( 1)Nasik (1) Bahandara (5), Washim (2) Amravati (1) ]

The injured persons 105 and missing 64 [Mumbai( 16), Thane (5), Kholapur(1), Navi Mumbai( 23) , Mumbai (railway(4), Sindhudurg (3) Parbahani (1) Nanded (1) Satara (1)]

With insistent rains and water logging 500,000 populations affected in Mumbai suburban -- 300,000 and Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur -- 200,000.

The Civic infrastructure -- Roads, Public buildings ( Primary health centers, Schools and Administrative buildings, water supply schemes were damaged which will require repairs and restoration

Telecommunication: telephone exchanges were affected in Ratnagiri, Kohlapur, Sindhdurg- Raigad and Kalyan also GSM BTS mobile services were affected and basic services of landline are affected in Kalyan sub-urban area.

Roads: NH17 blocked due to landslide, bridge along the NH17 (Mumbai -- Goa) linking Ratnagiri town was damaged. Roads blocked at Ratnagiri, Mumbai -- Kolhapur are being restored. The worst affected roads are in Kaliyan, Kurla, Sion and Andheri. The Milan sub-way was submerged. The traffic movement in Mumbai has slowed down to about 10 per cent of the normal movement. The repair of 10 bridges on Mumbai-Goa National Highway is further hampered due to rains and will take another 4-5 days

Rail ways: Thane and Kalyan rail services were worst affected. Trains from Pune to Mumbai have not yet resumed. A few rakes of Local trains damaged due to water logging on the suburban section during the recent spell, 25 EMU rakes of local trains out of total 65, were badly damaged. Assessment of the extent of damage to these rakes has already been started. Accordingly repair works of all these 25 damaged EMU rakes will be undertaken, which may take a few days. Normalcy of all services will take a few days.

Goa Both districts North Goa and South Goa were affected with 119 houses damaged with an estimated value of 550,000 and loss of 4 human lives reported. The condition was normal during the past 24 hrs. While in Goa (north and south districts) 340,000 persons and 1.00 ha of cropped land were affected.


The Jajpur district administration has sanctioned relief for three days. 97 no. of boats have been deployed in the flood affected areas for carrying out rescue& evacuation operations and delivery of relief items. So far, 2157 no. of people have been evacuated in Rasulpur and Jajpur block and the flood victims are being sheltered in 7 temporary shelters run be the district administration. District control rooms are functional round the clock. 36 nos. of medical teams are also deployed in the field for the treatment of the victims. 1 ODRAF team has been deployed for carrying out search and rescue operation if situation intensifies.

The Bhadrak district administration has also sanctioned three days relief in the 4 affected blocks covering a population of 3,42,702. 1 team of ODRAF has been deployed at Dhamnagar.

In Kendrapada, three days relief has been sanctioned. 19 nos. of medical teams and 11 nos. of veterinary teams have been deployed in the affected area.


Loss of life and property has been reported from different parts of Kerala, due to the heavy down pour last week. In Munnar, Idukki district was worst hit by the rain. Landslide had claimed 8 lives in the area; out of the 33 locations in Munnar and Devikulam of Idukki district were landslide occurred, human loss was reported from 4 places. 20 roads were totally destroyed. Deaths due to flooding, electoculation, sea surge due to heavy rains are reported from many parts of the state.


Relief operations

The Air dropping of relief items was carried out in Badlapur, Bhiwandi, Kalyan, Andheri, Ambernath, Ulhasnagar, and Thane district 10,000 people have been evacuated from Sangli, Kolhapur and Satara districts due to release of dam water. All relief camps previously opened have been closed. While 10,000 people from Mumbai Suburban and 10,000 people from Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur districts i.e. total 20,000 people have been evacuated and sheltered in 20 new relief camps.

Administrative actions

The state has deployed 2000 municipal employee to carrying out debris clearance in Mumbai and suburban areas of Thane district

All road traffic has resumed and repair work is being carried out in Mumbai city. The Mumbai-Pune Express Way has been reopened. Mumbai-Goa National Highway has been partially opened for movement of 35 percent traffic.

The Mumbai-Pune Express way and Mumbai-Goa National Highway is operational with only 5-10 per cent of normal traffic movement.

Western railway is operating only at certain routes inside Mumbai while Central Railway has not resumed its full operation. Local trains in Mumbai are operating their service to limited areas as Outgoing services Mumbai have not yet resumed operation as railway tracks beyond Dombivali require repairs; Konkan Railway is resuming passenger trains between Madgaon and Veer section. In Mumbai city, the Harbour and Central Railway route is not operational while The Western Railway is operating only 10 per cent of its service trains. The outgoing trains on Konkan and Central Railways have been stopped upto 6th August. A number of trains on the Western Railways have also been cancelled.

Air services had resumed partial operation since 27 July however due to continuous rains since yesterday domestic and international flights are operating at reduced number of flights that are either being delayed/ diverted and cancelled by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

The communication network of mobile and landline telephone services are operational in the city. The telephone services in Mumbai suburban will not be fully functional for two more days.

Water supply system has not yet resumed as restoration of water supply system is being carried out

Power supply is partially restored while in Mumbai suburban district it will take 2 more days for full restoration of power supply

The schools and other educational institutions are closed.

200 medical teams of 1 medical officer and 3 para-medical staff in each team have been deployed in the flood affected districts for medical assistance and preventing/control measures of any post-flood epidemic situation. 50 medical teams are operating in Mumbai suburban and 150 teams in rural areas. 150 units of young interns of Medical colleges in groups of four are deployed at various locations in the city for providing medical assistance and hygiene awareness to the public.

The State is organizing hygiene awareness campaign on cable/TV programmes and through press briefings for use of alum, boiling drinking water etc. by public.

The State has released Rs. 32. 5 million as ex gratia amount to be paid for 3, 25,000 persons @ Rs.1000/- each so far. The State has paid Rs. 15 million as ex-gratia to 1,50,000 persons @ Rs.1000/- in (Raigad district -- Rs.7,00,000, Ratnagiri and Thane -- 1,00,000 each, Mumbai suburban -- 2,00,000 other districts -- 4,00,000)

The State in a report to government of India has highlighted measures to be taken a) Mumbai needs to replace its drainage system which is more than 100 years old.) People living in slums in low lying areas provided options for living in safer places by promoting social housing .

Govt. of Maharashtra is conducting a damage assessment on the loss and special needs of Mumbai.

Central assessment team will be visiting the flood affected areas to conduct an assessment for Central assistance in the state.


Jajpur district administration has sanctioned relief for three days. Rescue and evacuation operations are being carried out and district control rooms are functional round the clock


150 villages in these districts have been inundated leading to evacuation of 1500 families to safer areas. Helicopters are being used for the rescue and relief operations. Flood alert has been sounded in the villages situated on the banks of river Kaveri downstream from KRS reservoir. Total loss/damage to public and private properties in the State is estimated to be Rs.22 million .

Madhya Pradesh

12,000 people have been evacuated to safer places. The State has distributed 10,000 food packets. NGOs have distributed about 4,000 food packets to the affected people. Situation in the State is under control.


Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) national headquarters deployed two USAID provided mobile water sanitation units. They are being transported from regional warehouses near Delhi and Chennai. Each unit has the capacity to produce 10,000 litres of clean water per day. Five thousand family kits have been mobilised. These contain various relief items such as blankets, tarpaulins, mosquito nets, kitchen sets and sheets. Funds have also been allocated to the Maharashtra state branch for transportation of relief items. Three members of the IRCS national disaster response team are being deployed to the state. The Maharashtra state branch disaster management coordinator has collected locally five tonnes of dal and 10 tonnes of rice. This will be distributed today at Kalina in the Thane district in northern Mumbai today. Three thousand people in the Thane district have been served two meals daily since 27 July by state branch run kitchens. Fifteen hundred stranded people in Ratnagiri district have been provided cooked food at bus terminals by the local IRCS district branch.

State branch staff and volunteers have repacked 12,000 rolls of bread and 1,500 packets of biscuits provided by the authorities into food parcels for airlifts by the government to stranded people. In Nanded, food including rice and dal is being distributed amongst stranded people. The state branch is distributing 800 sheets, 400 saris and mats in affected areas of Mumbai. It is intended to distribute 3000 each of these items in the city. A truckload of relief material has been sent to Ratnagiri district by the Maharastra state branch consisting of 500 blankets, 300 sheets, 1000 bars of soap, 44 rolls of cloth, 1000 bottles of water, 3680 packets of biscuits and anti-diarrhoea medicine, saline and sterilising fluid. The IRCS district branch in Nasik (about 80 kilometres north east of Mumbai) has deployed a team of six doctors and two paramedics. The Nanded district branch medical staff have conducted 19 clinics since the floods began. The state medical unit deployed in Ratnagiri district is providing primary health services to six villages. Two hundred and twenty people have reported condition such as dysentery, stomach aches and fever.It is hoped to distribute stocks of assorted clothing soon. These are held in the IRCS Maharashtra state warehouse which is currently waterlogged and temporarily inaccessible. Planning and coordination meetings have been taking place. On Monday the Vice-President of the IRCS held a meeting with the head of regional delegation and the acting head of India delegation. A further meeting was hosted by the Secretary General of the National Society to plan a streamlined response by the IRCS and to avoid duplication of activities. National society and Federation staff also attended a SPHERE India meeting in Delhi on Saturday, discussing areas of possible response by member organisations. The National Society, country and regional delegation disaster management staff are meeting today planning the future response to the flooding.

Dan Church Aid's partners CASA intends to cover 10,000 families and provide food and non-food support. Dan Church Aid has contributed US $ 20,000 to CASA including the overall contribution from DanChurchAid is Euro 50,000. ECHO -- ECHO mission delegation are in Maharashtra state since 30th July to conduct a need based assessment.

UNICEF AS requested by the Additional Director of Health Services in the State has mobilised 300,000 ORS packets and 1 million chlorine tablets and will be procuring 5000 I V Ringer solution from Copenhagen UNICEF has been air lifted to the affected areas.

WHO the emergency medical relief team is in touch with the Ministry of Health and family welfare and state relief and Rehabilitation department

UNDP staffs under the DRM programme in the affected state are assisting in state& districts emergency information response coordination.


Department of Relief & Rehabilitation Tel: 022-2202 5274, Fax: 022-2202 5920

State Control Room: Tel: 022-2202 7990, 022-2285 4168 Fax: 022-2285 5920

Ratnagiri telephone 02352-226248 , Ratnagiri control room fax 02352226250

Department of Relief and Rehabilitation , Mumbai and Districts Control rooms

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD)

Central Water Commission (CWC)


For Further Information

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Emergency Analyst
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