India: IAF spreads its flood relief operations

New Delhi - The Indian Air Force has spread its flood relief operations into the state of Madhya Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir and continuing its operations in Himachal Pradesh as well as Gujarat.

In Madhya Pradesh, IAF has flown a total of 26 sorties today airlifting total 36 passengers and 21 tonnes of load. IAF is operating 3 Mi-8s from Khajuraho and one Mi-17 at Damoh. IAF has so far airlifted more than 100 passengers and provided succour to thousands of affected people of MP.

In J & K, IAF operating its two Mi-17s and one Cheetah airlifting more than 140 passengers and have flown over 17 sorties.

In Himachal Pradesh, relentless efforts are on to provide relief to thousand of affected people. 21 sorties have flown today, carrying two tonnes of equipment and 12 passengers. IAF has so far flown 247 sorties and airlifted more than 1250 passengers in Himachal Pradesh alone. IAF is operating one Mi-17 and two Cheetahs in Himachal Pradesh.