India - Floods and Landslides OCHA Situation Report No. 3

Situation Report
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Ref: OCHA/GVA - 98/0290
India - Floods and Landslides
OCHA Situation Report No. 3
22 September 1998


1. The United Nations Resident Coordinator in New Delhi, reports that the water level of some rivers in the Assam State is now receding and the flood situation is improving, with exception of the Salmara Mankachar sub-Division, in the Dhubri district, where the situation is still critical. Road and rail communications with the rest of the country are still cut off. In the Uttar Pradesh State, river Ghaghra was flowing 30 cms above danger level.

2. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of India, as of 15 September 1998, floods affected approximately seven million hectares of land, of which some 3.3 million hectares of crops. As of 16 September 1998, approximately 36 million people have been affected, and about 3,000 people have been killed. Floods also affected seriously the housing sector, with about 852,000 houses partially/totally damaged. Some 74,000 animals have also been killed as a result of the floods.

Flood situation in the States of Assam, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh

Assam State

3. The extent of damage is as follows:

Districts affected: 21 (out of 23)
Human lives lost 146 (including 51 due to landslide)
Villages affected: 5,150
Total area affected (Ha): 920,000
Population affected: 4,485,000
Houses damaged: 23,343
Crop area affected (Ha) 289,000
Animals lost: 7,248

Bihar State

4. The extent of damage is as follows:

Districts affected 26 (out of 55)
Human lives lost 337
Number of villages affected 7,583
Area affected (Ha) 3,341,000
Population affected 12,587,000
Houses damaged 178,516
Crop area affected (Ha) 1,450,000
Animals lost 144

Uttar Pradesh State

5. The extent of damage is as follows:

Districts affected 55 (out of 83)
Human lives lost 1,328
Villages affected 15,360
Area affected (Ha) 2,500,000
Population affected 12,200,000
Houses damaged 205,125
Crop area affected (Ha) 1,400,000
Animals lost 3,138

National Response

6. The Central Government has released, from the Calamity Relief Fund, USD 10 million to Bihar, USD 25 million to Uttar Pradesh, USD 9.5 million to Assam, and USD 5 million to West Bengal. Assessment operations are continuing, to determine further damage and needs.

7. The chief minister of Assam has appealed to private sector entities, Civil Society Organizations and others in the country, to donate funds and relief materials for the flood-affected people in the State. Local authorities continue to carry out relief operations in these three most affected states. Just in Assam, the State Government has established 1,064 relief camps. In Bihar, the State Government is operating 1,174 relief camps, some 1,400 health centers and 643 veterinary centers. The authorities have also distributed essential commodities, including food rations, ready-made food, kerosene oil, candles, polythene sheets and salt.

8. The Government of India has not issued an appeal for international assistance.

International response

9. The United Nations Resident Coordinator in New Delhi remains in close contact with government authorities to monitor developments and will revert with further information as it becomes available.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Society

10. Following an aerial assessment by the Secretary-General of the Indian Red Cross with the Head of the Regional Delegation, on 2 and 3 September 1998, the Federation launched an appeal, on 9 September 1998, seeking CHF 1,632,000 (cash, in kind and services for approximately USD 1.1 million) to assist 100,000 beneficiaries for three months. The Federation has released CHF 100,000 (approximately USD 67,000), from its Disaster Relief Emergency Fund for the procurement of relief goods.

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