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Villagers have nowhere to go

AUGUST HAS BEEN A MONTH OF TRIALS for our partners in India. Floods and fever have affected all five of our partner organizations: Agape Rehabilitation Center, India Abundant Ministries, Living Sacrifice Ministries, Orphans Faith Home and Reaching Hand Society. Please read and respond with your prayers and financial gifts for relief. First-hand reports follow from each of our partners.

Orphans Faith Home (Aug. 16). Director Parishudha Babu writes, "I urge your valuable prayer for the terrible floods in Andhra Pradesh. During the night the flood ... surrounded the villages. The people could not escape. The victims of the floods [were] crying to God for help. There was agony from the families who lost their children in the floods. Families lost hope who depend upon cattle, goats, chickens and pigs. The farmers are trying to [commit] suicide by seeing the great loss of the rice crop, banana crop.... I cannot explain the hunger and the depression the victims have."

"Orphans Faith Home is not affected by the flood. Children are safe, but other places [along the] Krishna River, including seven districts of our state, were badly affected by floods. Many Christians and non-Christians crying for help."

(Aug. 22). "Today we received information that our pastors had five children's funeral services, and eight for aged widows in five villages. The flood has come and gone but thousands of acres of rice crop, banana crop, vegetables and other food grain crops were destroyed. So many animals died; so much bad smell, diseases.... So many families are on the roadside without shelter. Please pray for them."

"Our volunteers were very busy working in ten flood relief camps. So far OFH has spent $5,000 worth of food packets, clothes and medicine. Our total estimated relief expense will be $50,000 in two districts of our state."

Reaching Hand Society (Aug. 12). Director Iris Paul and her son Remo write, "Rains are continuing even now. The southern tip of [our town] much affected. Many areas are under water. In Konta, the Indian Missionary Society mission compound was under water for four days."

(Aug. 14). "Had no electricity the whole day. Phone lines and road travel very erratic. It continues to rain."

(Aug. 17). "Most of you are aware of the flood situation in and around [our town]. We at RHS have been giving some medical and relief assistance in a very limited manner. The reason I write is to bring this urgent matter to your attention. Romesh [RHS staff member] has come down with cerebral malaria (this is still a killer disease here). He has been shifted to Nowrangpur, 140 km from here. We appreciate your prayers for his speedy recovery. Laban and Jyoti are also down with fever."

(Aug. 18). "The floods hit us.... Many Christians are left out from the government aid. In Konta, the IMS mission compound up to the [second] floor went under water. After the floods, one after another of the staff are becoming very sick. Laban, Jyoti and Romesh are recovering from malaria. I had to supply emergency medicines for all the mission centers. This is working out very expensive. Medicine is being bought on credit from the local shop."

Agape Rehabilitation Center (Aug. 10). "The dreaded chikungunya viral fever has struck Agape Hostel. Two out of the nine new students have been affected within the last 24 hours. Fearing that the other seven will also get it, we have closed the hostel. Please pray for healing for the two persons with disabilities who have this fever. Please pray that the other students and the staff (and also our children) would be protected from this sickness."

(Aug. 18). "Agape is going through a tough time. Except for two students, all the others are down with fever. Chikungunya is an epidemic here, and from yesterday, Daniel [has also been] having fever and body ache. The doctors say there is no treatment or prevention, and it takes anywhere between five days to one month for complete cure. We know God is in complete control and we are praying everyone will be better soon. We request India Partners to pray for this specially."

(Aug. 22). "The chikungunya fever continues to ravage Agape. Three of the seven students who contracted chikungunya are absent, as they are yet to recover. Now one by one the staff are coming down with chikungunya. It started with Daniel on Thursday last. He has since recovered and started working only today. The latest victim is Avitha. Three other staff members are also suffering with this fever. Please pray that we would all recover soon. Pray for healing. Pray for His grace. Pray! Pray!! Pray!!!"

Living Sacrifice Ministries (Aug. 6). Directors Eliezer Devasayaham and Prema Kumari write, "The last three days, the lowlands, schools and offices and a few houses were drowned in water.... Many houses collapsed and people were injured and some are dead. There was no electricity in town for two days. Please pray for the homeless people who are suffering without shelter, food and drinking water."

"In Andhra Pradesh, a dreadful fever, chikungunya, trembled the people with fear. Except for our home, our whole street is also [being] attacked by this fever. Many people died due to this fever in the ... slum areas. Venkata from Little Lamps [LSM's childcare center] and our daughter Beulah suffered with cold and viral fever. When we took them to the hospital, they recovered within two days. I thank God for His grace."

(Aug. 9). "The water level has gone down in some places but still people are not able to stay in the houses which are collapsed and thatched sheds which are wet. All the children, staff and my family are in good health by the grace of the Lord and your prayers. If India Partners can send any flood relief funds, on behalf of India Partners we will be reaching more people."

India Abundant Ministries (Aug. 19). Director Isaac Benarjee writes, "The people of East Godavari and West Godavari District are living in fear because of the high level flow of Godavari River crossing the danger mark. [They are] expecting the floods again. Therefore may I request you to kindly remember these people in your prayers. This is my special prayer request."

We ask you to join with India Partners in praying for all the needs that our partners have described first-hand above. Pray for speedy recovery for all those stricken with chikungunya, malaria and other very serious illnesses. Pray for the restoration of lives and property after the extensive flooding. Hundreds of thousands of persons have been displaced by the floods. More than 100,000 homes have collapsed and a half million homes suffered damage in the floods. These people urgently need our help.

We also ask that you consider a one-time donation to help meet the immediate needs of the families, the farmers, the villagers stricken by these floods. Funds will be used to purchase clean water, food, blankets and medicine.Your donation will be forwarded to help flood victims directly.

God bless you!

Brent Hample
Executive Director

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