India: Cyclonic storms in Assam Situation Report 24 Apr

Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs
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Subject: Assam - Cyclonic storm on 22.4.2003 in District Dhubri - Situation Report.

A severe cyclonic storm lashed through Kalapani area of Mankachar Revenue circle of Hatsingimari sub-division of Dhubri district of Assam at 1830 hrs. of 22nd April, 2003. The storm affected 8 villages and caused extensive damage in the area. The thunderstorm uprooted trees and destroyed shanty dwellings disrupting the normal life. 32 people are reported to have lost their lives, about 100 people are seriously injured and over 1000 have minor injuries. About 500 houses were badly damaged. A number of persons are also reported to be missing. India Metrological Department (IMD) had issued a general local warning about the impending thunder squall in the north-eastern region.

Steps taken by the Central/State Government

BSF personnel who have a post in the area immediately rushed to the affected villages and undertook rescue and evacuation operations. BSF provided first aid to the persons injured. They have also set up lungar (free food) for the villagers and have also put up tents for providing shelters. The BSF is continuing to provide assistance to the affected people.

The State Government have also rushed assistance. The Dy. Commissioner, Dhubri is camping there and the Divisional Commissioner has also proceeded to the area. Medical Teams have been sent from Dhubri and Goalpara districts. Seriously injured people have been moved to the hospitals at Dhubri and Goalpara. The State Govt. is also distributing ration and providing relief material. The situation is reported to have been stabilized.

The Central Relief Commissioner, Ministry of Home affairs has been in constant touch with the State Govt. and have advised them to immediately provide relief out of Calamity Relief Fund which includes Gratuitous Relief, treatment for injured people, clothing and utensils and for repair of damaged houses. The State Govt. has also been requested to indicate if any assistance was needed from the Central Govt.

The position is being monitored constantly and the Ministry of Home Affairs is in touch with the State Government.

(S.K. Swami)


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