India: Cyclone Thane - Information Bulletin n° 1

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This bulletin is being issued for information only, and reflects the current situation and details available at this time. The Indian Red Cross Society, with the support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), has determined that external assistance is not required, and is therefore not seeking funding or other assistance from donors at this point of time.

The cyclonic storm THANE crossed the northeast districts of Tamil Nadu on 30 December 2011 between 06:30 and 07:30 am. It has been projected to be slotted under the ‘very severe’ cyclonic storm category I to have hit the southern states of India to date. The impact has been two-fold for the coastal districts of Cuddalore and Puducherry Union Territory (UT) with continuous strong winds and rain lashing disrupting civil life. Continuous rainfall has been reported in the neighbouring state of Kerela. Initial assessment reports show that around 200,000 houses have been fully or partially damaged, thousands of trees up-rooted, and roads have been blocked due to water logging. Electricity supply and communication lines have been cut off in many parts of Cuddalore district and Puduchery UT and have not been restored yet. Additionally, preparatory early warning initiatives taken by the Tamil Nadu state government officials as well as trained Red Cross volunteers in Cuddalore district helped evacuate people from low lying areas which has resulted in less human casualties.

The government machinery as well as Red Cross volunteers have geared up the relief efforts immediately after the cyclone struck.