India: Centre unveils Rs 9870 core plan for reconstruction of tsunami affected States

The Government of India has unveiled a comprehensive plan for rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Tsunami affected States/UTs, with a financial outlay of Rs.9870.25 crore. The plan seeks to put in place a level of infrastructure and services in the affected areas of a level which would be far higher than that destroyed by the Tsunami. The rehab and reconstruction plan outlay includes Rs.4,084.79 crore for Tamil Nadu, Rs.1,470.46 crore for Kerala, Rs.138.11 crore for Andhra Pradesh, Rs.487.44 crore for Pondicherry, Rs.2,614.22 crore for Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and Rs.775.23 crore for Shipping sector.
Sector wise - housing and internal infrastructure water and power distribution, roads and sewerage is a priority with the outlay being 34% of the total. Agriculture, Fisheries and

The Government has decided to set up a Tsunami Early Warning System in the Indian Ocean on its own. The Department of Ocean Development is the nodal agency to set up the Early Warning System, with active participation from (a) Department of Science and Technology, (b) Department of Space, (c) Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and (d) Universities/Departments. With the commencement of the Rs 125 crore Project, operational warnings of Tsunamis and Storm surges with their likely landfall inundation could be provided by September, 2007.

The detailed report of the Government prepared by the Cabinet Secretariat is posted on the PM's website -please log in for the full report.