India: Bihar flood relief updates - 08 Sep 2008

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Situation Report

The episode of the River Kosi flood continues to create havoc in the lives of more than 3 million people in the flood affected areas of Bihar. The relief and rehabilitation operations are also under pressure as the number of flood victims continue to increase on a daily basis. It is an agonizing sight to see little children weeping in despair after having lost their parents to the fury of the Kosi River. The plight of the flood victims of Bihar is painful. Walking long distances in search of food and shelter, watching the river swallow up their loved ones, cattle and homes is something that is going to remain as a pain in the hearts of the people of Bihar who have been struggling to survive this calamity.

EHA's Response

The 5 member EHA medical relief team conducted a health need assessment in the government allotted Sabela relief camp. The EHA relief team also started a second community kitchen in the Sabela camp.

The District Magistrate allocated a new relief camp to the EHA relief team. The team surveyed the Santhal villages near Murliganj and found an estimated number of three to four thousand people waiting at the banks of the canal for the provision of food.

The EHA relief team also provided dry food packets and water to 50 Santhali tribals who came to the hospital at night in search of food.

An assessment is being made to cater to the needs of the tribals in 5 santhali villages near Parwai for starting community kitchens. At the request of the DM, relief operation measures are being organized in the Gerhati area, which is highly populated with tribals.

Prayer Requests

- Pray for the safety of EHA's relief team.

- Pray for volunteers who are traveling to Bihar in response to the relief operations.

- Pray that more skilled volunteers would join the team.

- Pray for the safety of the huge stock of relief material at Saharsha and Madhipura.

- Pray for more doctors and community nurses to join the medical relief team.