Gujarat Earthquake: Relief supplies to 15,000 families

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Food, water, shelter to homeless, devastated families
15,000 families left homeless by the earthquake in Kutch district, are now receiving water, food and shelter after days without assistance.

"Relief teams have been struck by the shear magnitude and totality of the damage," says Vincent Edwards, World Vision's Relief Director in Asia.

"Entire towns, villages and even families are gone. Almost everything is needed - basic humanitarian needs such as temporary shelter, warm clothing, food, drinking water and medical aid."

"As apparent as the physical needs is the psycho-social trauma in the faces and voices of the survivors," Edwards says.

World Vision staff are now providing food, clean water, and medical aid to 15,000 families in the previously unreached towns of Bhachau and Anjar, after a request by the Indian Government.

The initial US$ 1.3 million emergency plan will support the 75,000 people in Bachau, Anjar and surrounding villages for 30 days, first with supplies and cooked food, then dry rations including lentils, rice and cooking oil along with cooking utensils.

Volunteer medical teams and supplies organised by church groups in Singapore will be flown into Ahmadabad enroute to Bachau. World Vision is also providing transport, logistics, essential drugs and medical supplies for Indian medical volunteers.

World Vision staff based in India will be implementing the relief program, in close coordination with the Indian government and other NGOs to maximize the impact of the aid. Volunteers from local NGO's and churches are assisting World Vision staff.

It will take months for these 75,000 people receiving emergency supplies to rebuild their homes and reestablish and income, with their shops, livestock, and other resources gone.

World Vision is developing a 90 day emergency intervention, and then one year rehabilitation plan, which will include psycho-social assessment and trauma support.

World Vision development staff began distributing food and supplies where they work in Haripura community after the earthquake hit last Friday.

Food, water, plastic sheeting and blankets for 1,000 families were trucked into Bhuj, a town devastated by the quake, on the weekend.

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