GDO Analytical Report: Drought in India – June 2019

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JRC Global Drought Observatory (GDO) and ERCC Analytical Team

Executive summary

  • The Indian peninsula is facing a severe drought, due to a combination of monsoon failure in the second half of 2018, sustained heatwaves between May and June, and underperforming rainfall in the first half of 2019.

  • States of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh are the most affected, but most other parts of central and peninsular India are in dry conditions.

  • Food security is not at stake in general, but water supply to population, farming sector and ground water resources are. Internal migration, unavailability of drinking water and other drought related impacts are reported from multiple Indian states and several drought declarations are in force at both state and district level.

  • The precipitation outlook until September is within normal for most of India, with wetter than usual conditions foreseen in the central and eastern country, while to a lesser extent in the western and southern regions, currently the most affected areas. It is very unlikely that the multiannual cumulated deficits will be compensated by the incoming monsoon season.
    This document is linked to the report published by GDO last December1, please refer to it for further insight on the roots of the current drought and former impacts. Figure 14 shows the map of Indian States that are mentioned in this report.